The Power of Your Words [Part 7]

For the past six weeks we have taken a look at the power of your words when they are employed in six of seven spheres of society: business, celebration, education, faith, family, and media. In this final week we will take a look at the power of your words when they impact the mountain of government. There can be no doubt that when it comes to government, words can make the difference in the lives of millions of people in all areas of life. Governments frame territory, establish laws that order society, designate strategies for protecting those who are citizens from those who are enemies and establish relations with other nations and governments that have common interests or mutual interests.

Image Credit: Rob Howard

The Bible gives clear indication that in the establishment of the heavens and the earth, He used words to frame it all and said it was good. God created humanity in His image and likeness to rule, subdue, and have dominion in the earth as a representation of Him in the earth, even as He is in heaven. Governments often exemplify this through declarations, decrees, treatises, proclamations and oaths.

What is so amazing about the governing authority of Jesus is that he exemplified for us the degree to which the authority of our words were capable. He not only commanded his disciples and gave them authority to heal the sick, bind, loose, and cast out demons. He modeled the authority to command the very winds and waves. In that, he showed us that we can command atmospheres, situations and circumstances.

As people who are representations of authority under the authority of God, we have the ability through our words to call into order things that are out of order, bring peace in places where there is no peace, and take captive things that have been allowed to run wild or set free that which has been confined or bound.

For those who are called to the mountain of government, their word must be precise and unwavering. In his sermon on the mount, Jesus told those who were listening that they must be people who keep their promises. This requires honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Image Credit: Povilas Katkus

Those who are called to the mountain of government must also be people who pursue wisdom, for without it, governing becomes quite difficult. Wisdom enables people to make decisions and judgments justly and temper that justice with mercy. When God asked King Solomon what he desired, he could have asked for anything, yet chose wisdom (2 Chronicles 1:8-10).

In 1st Kings, the account of this encounter with God says that Solomon asked for a discerning heart (1 Kings 3:7-9). There can be no doubt that wisdom and discernment go together. With them together, the ability to govern, command, to make covenant or an oath become sure and more sound.

We who recognize the power of our words are not careless with the words we use for we know they have the powerful and mighty in God, to the pulling down of strongholds. Many in God’s Kingdom understand that our authority is in part, rooted in our authority through intercession. Our warfare is spiritual, not of natural means (2 Corinthians 10). So, those of us who are called to the mountain of government must not be loose with our words, nor should we be arrogant either. Our words must reflect the nature of God. As we do this, we will begin to manifest more of the order of heaven in the earth. This is the power of our words.


QUESTION: In what ways do you see your words having an impact on the mountain of government?

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