Crossing Over Into The New Year

There can be no doubt that if you’re reading this, you are among the 7 billion plus people who successfully crossed over into the new year. For that I am grateful and look forward to this new year with great anticipation that you will accomplish great and wonderful things. I know that many people approach the new year with hesitancy and trepidation. It’s the unknown entity and cannot even be quantified.

Image Credit: Svilen Milev

However, isn’t that the same with each new day of life? None of us truly know what the next day will hold, even if we’ve planned our day. Coming into this new year, I wanted to take a moment to express some of the things that I am believing, praying, and hoping for in this new year.

One expectation that I have for 2018 is that it will be a year of new things. This is not just because it is a new year. For those who understand the order of numbers will no doubt have the understanding hat the number 8 signifies new beginnings. Knowing that God works in patterns, cycles, systems, and order, we can see the relevance of newness that is signified by the number 8.

There are seven days in the week. The eighth day signifies the start of a new week. There are seven whole notes in an octave. The eighth note signifies the beginning of a new octave.  Even in early Jewish traditions, the eighth day after a male child was born, he both received his name and was circumcised.

Image Credit: Alfonso Diaz

God arranged many things on the Hebraic calendar to demonstrate this. Seven cycles of seven years totals 49 years. The 50th year is known as a jubilee year. In that year, everything is restored. Land that was sold or lost is returned to its original owner. People who were sold into servanthood to work off debt were allowed to return to their families. Even the land itself is allowed to rest from sowing.

Why am I emphasizing all of this? It’s not to say that this is a jubilee year. It is to emphasize the significance of the eight in 2018. The new thing that I see beginning for this year is a new mindset that many will adopt that is more closely in lined with the heart of God the Father. This will come as a result of many people’s eyes being opened to the things He is revealing in this new year. God is unfolding, uncovering, and highlighting many things to those who have the capacity to handle this new season and new year.

God is anointing many people’s eyes to see more glory and possibilities. As they see the possibilities and strive to bring them to pass, they will be graced with much favor. This favor will require a great level of humility as it will carry them and place them in positions that they have not before ventured. Eye that see more glory will not focus or draw attention to things that not bring glory to God. They will declare God’s goodness and His ability to conquer, rule and reign.

Image Credit: Benjamin Pop

This new year is going to be a year where many are going to receive the new wine that will be poured out upon them. The new wine will be a holy anointing to do uncommon things. God is going to release a new company of prophetic voices to release His word in this season to tear down those things that have impeded His plans. There will be voices to declare is truth and who will build and grow His kingdom. Many in this generation will receive a new name according to their faith and their walk with God because they have consecrated themselves to Him in a new covenant relationship.

I believe that there will be many who will be prophetic intercessor who will stand in the gap and cast down ever spirit that dares to rise against the Kingdom. There will be much grace given to many to see their true purpose in ministry, in the marketplace, and every mountain of culture. This is a divine season that has not been seen before. It is a year to go deeper in God as He takes you higher upon the mountains. It will also be a time that introduces new and unexpected things.

Be expectant in this new year for what God will release. Do not fear. Let your faith embolden you to press forth and conquer with the heart of a holy warrior. The righteous shall take it all by force in the same way that Caleb and Joshua took the people into Jericho after crossing the Jordan.


QUESTION: What is our expectation now that you have officially crossed over into this new year?

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