The Power of Your Eyes – [Part One]

Last year I wrote a series of blogs dealing with the power of your words, as they pertain to bringing healing to the seven mountains of cultural influence. In it I revealed how the power of your words can have an impact on shaping and changing things positively as you ascend whatever mountain God has given you grace for. I want to begin this year with an emphasis on the power of your eyes. Your eyes do have power as you use them to see things as God see things.

Image Credit: Martin Boulanger

In looking today at the mountain of faith and religion, there can be such an anointing in remembering that when we behold Jesus, we are able to accomplish more than when we look at things in our natural self. There are times when we can look at things in our natural senses and things will appear impossible for us to accomplish. If truth be told, there are many things that we might look at, and we would become paralyzed by fear by the shear enormity of the situation.

Such was the case for the Israelite spies who went to Canaan and searched out the land, at the charge of Moses, who told them to see if the land was as God had promised them. For ten of them, all they could focus on was the fact that there were giants in the land and it struck them with fear and caused them to believe that they were mere grasshoppers in comparison to those giants. Only Joshua and Caleb believed that they were capable of overcoming this, because they believed God could do what they had already seen Him do for them. It was because of this faith that they were the only two elders to enter the Promised Land at the appointed time 40 years later.

Peter, dared step out of a boat at night during a storm, at the mere sound of Jesus’ calling. He literally walked on water, as long as his eyes remained on Jesus. The moment he took his eyes off of Jesus, Peter began to sink and had to be rescued. The other 11 didn’t even have faith for that.

Image Credit: Mokra

The author of the book of Hebrews tells us in the twelfth chapter, to keep our eyes on Jesus who is the perfecter of our faith. Keeping our eyes on Jesus is how we are able to walk by faith and not by sight, accomplishing everything that God gives us vision for. The entire previous chapter in Hebrews gives us a whole account of men and women who by faith accomplished what God called them to do.

As a people of faith, we have a responsibility to see the world and the mountain of faith and religion as God sees it. This does not mean that we act ignorant of the short comings that may exist there. It means that as we see the giants that may exist there, we see a greater God who can empower us to defeat those giants in the same way He equipped a young David to take down a mighty Goliath.

Our call is to shine more light on the mountain of faith so that God is glorified and exalted. It is to help others to see the honor and glory in worshiping the everlasting and ever-loving God, Creator of every good thing. Keeping our eyes on Jesus enables us to see Jesus in the same way that he beheld his father in heaven and bring healing and restoration wherever he went. As we proceed through this new year, let us keep our eyes on Jesus so that through the power of our eyes, we manifest on earth all the things we behold of heaven.


QUESTION: Have you considered the power of your eyes to behold the good and the creative glory of heaven? If not, what hinders your ability to see it? If so, what good things are you beholding and how is it empowering you for what you are called to do in faith?

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