The Power of Your Eyes [Part Two]

Last week I began a series looking at the power of your eyes. I began the series looking at the power of our eyes to behold Jesus and how we can have influence on the mountain of faith as a result of beholding who Jesus is. This week, let’s look at the power of our eyes to impact the mountain of family. There can be no doubt that many of us have a wide and varied experience with our families. Yet, it is through the power of hope-filled eyes that we can help to restore the glory of what God intended family to be.

Image Credit: Sarah Brucker

What are hope-filled eyes? Hope-filled eyes are eyes that look beyond the reality of our family’s ills and woes, to see the potential and the destiny that God has spoken about them. Don’t mistake hope-filled eyes for wishful eyes that wished someone would be what we’d prefer them to be. Hope-filled eyes are eyes that behold the God-ordained identity that is deep beyond the surface of what we see through eyes of flesh. Hope-filled eyes see people as greater than they may currently be living.

When Jesus beheld Peter, he looked beyond the hot tempered, often overzealous, shaky nature of a fisherman. He saw a man who would eventually become a fisher of men, bold and courageous, willing to die for what he believed. It was with those hope-filled eyes that Jesus was able to pour his life into Peter, even at times when Peter let himself down.

Jesus saw beyond the stigma of a tax collector, status or wealth, prostitution or slavery, leper, blind, deaf, blood disorders, elderly, youth, demon possessed, and so many other social prejudices that many look at as less than.

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So too should our eye see beyond what we can see, right down to who God called them to be and acknowledge them as both God’s creation and even His children. Our eyes should be so filled with hope that we dare to call out of those we meet the family God is waiting. Jesus said the harvest was ripe and ready. It simply requires us to see others as the family God desired and be willing to glean. 

Hope-filled eyes are eyes that are overwhelmed by love. They are eyes that see beyond personal pain or offense to reconcile a strained or broken relationship. When the Prodigal son’s father saw him afar off, he did look at him in disgust or behold what had been lost or wasted over time. He looked to a son that made him feel that much more complete as a father. God is desiring that we too will be welcoming of others with hope-filled eyes, to see in others family; sheep begetting sheep, not sheep allowing sheep to fall into a ditch.

Let the power of your hope-filled eyes draw forth a new destiny for others who did not know who they were. Let them find fellowship and relationship through revelation that you see deeply hidden within them.


QUESTION: What do you perceive can happen when you operate with hope-filled eyes?

Click Here to read part one in this series.

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