The Power of Your Eyes – [Part Three]

Over the last couple weeks, we have been looking at the power of your eyes. On this week we are going to look at the power of your eyes when you operate on the mountain of education. There is probably no more immediate impact that a person can have on the life of a young child, apart from the parent, than that of the educator. It is for this very reason that the educator needs a keen eye. Isn’t it interesting that the very word pupil refers to both a specific part of the eye, as well as meaning a child or student who is under the charge of a tutor or instructor?

Image Credit: Dan MacDonald

The eyes of the educator have to be able to see the potential of the student and be able to work tirelessly to see to it that the child knows and lives up to that potential. If the adage that perception is or becomes reality, then how much of a child’s reality is shaped by an educator’s perception of their ability to be successful?

Where would Israel have been if Moses had not seen the potential in Joshua? What would have Elisha done if Elijah had not taken him under his wing? Would Samuel have been there for David if Eli had not perceived his prophetic senses? Would Ruth have met Boaz without the perceptiveness of Naomi?

If you are a teacher, mentor, trainer or leader of any sort, you must train your eyes to see the potential. This requires looking beyond the surface of what someone looks like to what someone can become. Your eyes must be focused through the prism of love and wisdom. Love allows you to see beyond faults, frailties and weaknesses. Wisdom allows you to take your experience and strategize ways it can be useful to aid in the development of those who are currently before your watchful gaze.

Image Credit: Tim and Kelly

Training your eyes to see the potential in young people doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen. Part of being able to see that potential will come through staying before God as you seek His help to reveal to you the things that He wants you to release in them which may not be readily visible. As your eyes become focused to see others as God sees them, it should encourage you to lift up those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

Your eyes have great power, so do not hesitate to employ them to the work that you’ve been called. Shift the landscape on the mountain of education by seeing the potential in others and help the to move towards their God given destiny.


QUESTION: In what was can you use the power of your eyes to help create change on the mountain of education? 

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