The Power of Your Eyes – [Part Four]

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing about the power of your eyes as they relate to your call to the seven mountains of culture. Today, I want to specifically share about the power of your eyes as they relate to the mountain of business. There are many who are called to the mountain of business who have been gifted by God to be able to see things with a unique perspective.

Image Credit: Donald Cook

So often, we do not consider the people on the mountain of business as being prophetic because we often associate the prophetic gift as something that is solely used in the realm of faith or religion alone. However, the prophetic gift or power of the eyes of those called to the mountain of business is one where they are able to see dangers far off. This is so that plans can be put in place to prepare and hedge against loss.

It can also be to prepare for changes. Not all changes are negative. In many cases, change can come by way of something often known as disruptive technology. Whenever a new technology or way of doing business gets introduced which can make business easier or more productive, it often makes older ways of doing business obsolete and can displace place older tools, processes or people who are unable to adapt to the new thing. The people who have the eye to see these disruptions before they occur can help a business get ahead of the change and prevent the hiccups, stumbles, or even failures that others succumb to.

Image Credit: Simon Gray

The writer of Proverbs says in Proverbs 22:3 and 27:12 that the prudent person sees danger and takes refuge. These two verses give indication of a few things. First, it gives indication that the “prudent” or person who has eyes to see is a person of experience. A person with experience is a person who has seen a lot and therefore is someone who can see trends and commonalities in things that occur.

Second, it also indicates that this person is one of wisdom. Your initial thought might be that a person with experience is going to automatically be a wise person. However, the reality is that just because you have experience with something, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll know how to navigate a situation. A wise person can experience a loss or situation and learn a lesson of what to do or not do if the situation presents itself again. A foolish person will repeat the same mistake or ignore what’s happening even if it’s something that has happened repeatedly.

Thirdly, it gives indication that this person has obtained a level of maturity. Maturity is about being responsible in one’s actions when a situation arises. A mature person will not neglect the signs that are in front of them, hoping that things will resolve themselves.

Image Credit: Valerij Zhugan

The prophetic person in business is just such a person, possessing experience, wisdom, and maturity. They see the prophetic indicators of change in the winds, like a farmer who can look at the sky and know when weather will be favorable or not, making the necessary plans to prepare for it. A prophet in business will be like Joseph, being able to see the dreams and visions of others, knowing how to interpret them and make a corresponding strategy.

Note that experience, wisdom, and maturity have nothing to do with age; although that can be helpful in its place. When we look at Joseph and his prophetic eye, he began at age 17 and between then and age 30 found himself in a place of prominence to keep Egypt from danger. Daniel and his friends were mere teens when they were chosen by the King of Babylon to learn the language, customs and traditions that would position them to be council at a strategic time in history.

If you’ve been called to the mountain of business, it is incumbent upon you to develop the gift, the prophetic eye that you need on the mountain of business. Your ability to see the dangers, changes, and shifts in business, economy and technology will position you to be invaluable at opportune times to be a blessing and even salvation to many. Know the power of your eyes.


QUESTION: Have you ever been told that you have a prophetic eye when it comes to business? How has that positioned you as a person of influence on the mountain of business?

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