Has The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment Become The Bully Pulpit of Celebrities?

In case you hadn’t noticed, viewership for many events for those in the Arts and Entertainment industry is down. In some places, it’s down significantly. After the recent Golden Globes, it was announced that viewership was down by 11%. The Grammy Awards which just aired this past Sunday evening was down by a whopping 24%. The SAG Awards saw viewership down on both TNT by 31% and TBS by 33%. Already, it’s being predicted that these negative numbers could been seen repeated in the upcoming Oscar Awards.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Hollywood isn’t alone in this. The NFL is among a number of sports leagues feeling the decline, to the tune of a 10% drop in viewership and the loss of advertising dollars. Some will say it’s a sign of the times as people now have more options and other thing vying for their attention. While this may be so, it may also be bringing to light another issue.

If you look back at the last year, and in some cases, the last three or more years, The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment has become somewhat of a bully pulpit for celebrities. While it may be true that many celebrities have been known to occasionally use their celebrity and influence to champion great causes, it was seldom done as it is being done now. Now, many celebrities are choosing to not merely be vocal about things they view as injustices, but to tarnish the very industries that have afforded them their platform in order to wage verbal assaults at the nation’s leader.

I don’t want to minimize the importance of the #MeToo movement, DACA Dreamers, or people who are upset over issues like minorities that are being mistreated, abused, and in many cases killed unnecessarily. However, the reality that anger and violence is not real solution.

Image Credit: Nidhi Mishra/The Indian Express

This is dishonorable to the president, but disrespectful to the viewing public who I apparently showing their intolerance of it by not tuning in to watch it. Where many typically watch for entertainment and enjoy the pageantry, while seeing their favorite stars recognized for their accomplishments, they must now sit through political jabs and taunting, which have nothing to do with why they’re there.

Celebrity and influence is not easy to come by, and for many who have claimed disgust for bullying and hate, it strikes many in the viewing public as odd, if not worse, that they could be using their celebrity in such fashion.

Honor and peace can only be accomplish when all are willing to be humble enough to show humility and hnor even in the midst of situations that may appear unjust or undesirable. Solutions are birthed in resolve and calm demeanor. Violence only begats more violence, and hate does not trump hate.

Image Credit: Unknown

If the Mountain of Arts and Entertainment are going to be restored to its greatest glory, it must find a people who will remember that honor, humility, love and dignity are core virtues to be modeled; no only for their own sake, but for those they were lifted up to inspire. As we move into honoring Black/African American History Month, It’s my hope that many celebrities will take to heart the words of Dr. King who even in the face of great hatred and mistreatment, still held fast to love.

If it’s truly in the heart of many on this mountain are seeking to resolve or be the answer to, it may serve better to step off the bully pulpit and tranition to the places that will truly enable them to effect the change they’re seeking. The Mountain of Arts and Entertainment should reflect God’s glory and the celebration of it, even as heaven reflects the glory and celebration of God. When those who have been called to this mountain come back to this understanding, they may be surprised by who will once again watch in awe and wonder once more.


QUESTION: Do you believe that celebrities have erected a bully pulpit which is turning off the public? What do you think can be done to change this?










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