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The Changing Face of World Missions: Engaging Contemporary Issues and Trends

  I just finished reading The Changing Face of World Missions: Engaging Contemporary Issues and Trends, which is written by Michael Pocock, Gailyn Van Rheenan, and Douglas McConnell. It was one of two texts presented to me this semester to be covered in one of my latest seminary courses. While I consider myself to be somewhat missional in mindset, world missions is something that […]

Why The Church Should Be Concerned With The Parkland School Shooting

The recent events of the Parkland, Florida school shooting have stirred a flurry of emotions for people of all ages and all walks of life. So many are debating about whether there should be more gun control, or whether there needs to be more done in the way of mental health and wellness. Regardless of what you believe the […]

9 Lessons Learned From Marvel Studios Black Panther

It’s been a whole week since the release of Marvel Studios Black Panther. I wanted to allow for some time to pass as many are no doubt still trying to make their way to theaters to see it. At the very least, I can make an attempt to share some personal lessons of significance that […]

Dr. Billy Graham: Mission Complete

There has not been anyone more visible in our lifetime who has lived this out so successfully than the now late Dr. Billy Graham. With the Passing of Dr. Graham today, a void has been left. No one person can hope to fill that void alone or with the same measure of impact. Dr. Billy […]

What Should the Church’s Response Be in the Midst of National Tragedy?

It has been one full week since the horrific shooting event that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. I deliberately waited to speak about this particular event because it has become such a hot button issue within the media and stirring debates that are not helpful at this time. However, in light of all of the debate that […]

The Power of Your Eyes – [Part Seven]

It has been a wonderful time sharing a few thoughts on the power of your eyes, as they pertain to each of the mountains of culture. As we look at the mountain of media, we are going to see what the power of your eyes are meant to bring forth as they are focused where […]

How Stan Lee and Marvel Entertainment Just Saved Black History Month

In case, by some freak of nature and you haven’t heard the news, Marvel Entertainment just premiered it latest superhero movie, Black Panther in the now wildly acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It’s Thursday night premiere was highly anticipated by many people; fans of Marvel Comics, fans of the MCU, as well as fans of […]

When St. Valentine’s Day Has Past

By the time you read this, St. Valentine’s Day will have come and gone. All of the Merchants will have removed all of the candy from the shelves in preparation of adding more St. Patrick’s Day and Easter merchandise. Restaurants and hotels will begin to shift their marketing campaigns onto the next thing that is […]

For the Love of Fathers

A recent news story broke out about how the politically correct culture is killing the Father-Daughter Dance tradition at a public school in Staten Island, NY. A tradition that was designed to foster and encourage the engagement of fathers and daughter in an activity they can both share and enjoy, at a time when often the relationship […]

The Power of Your Eyes – [Part Six]

I’ve been really excited about this new year thus far and I pray that you have been also. As you may be aware, I’ve spent the last few weeks sharing in a series the power of your eyes; especially as it pertains to the influence you can have on the mountain of culture that God has called you to […]

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