The Power of Your Eyes – [Part Six]

I’ve been really excited about this new year thus far and I pray that you have been also. As you may be aware, I’ve spent the last few weeks sharing in a series the power of your eyes; especially as it pertains to the influence you can have on the mountain of culture that God has called you to advance on. Today, we will turn our gaze towards the mountain of government to see how your eyes have power there.

Image Credit: Aaron Murphy

To begin, God has uniquely called many to the mountain of government because the power of their eyes are set forth to guard the gates of entry and exit from the nation. This is especially true for those in law enforcement and the military. They are the ones who watch with eyes like a hawk or an eagle to see those things that are afar off and cut off access to those things that might be a threat. Many people with this call are prophetic in the sense that they intercede, protect and defend on the behalf of the many who are called to other things.

Many who are called to legislate and execute laws need the eyes to see where injustice might rear its ugly head and cut it off through the establishment of laws that protect the innocent and defenseless. Some are called to be judges who must have the wisdom to see, tempering justice with mercy and grace to interpret the laws and be impartial and fair to all. There are many who find this a challenge and it is imperative that they seek God for his vision so that they might seek clearly to discern truth and righteous judgment.

Image Credit: Stacy Brumley

The challenge that many face is in determining when laws that currently exist conflict with what is either moral or ethical. Since some laws may seem legitimate or people can abuse a law that may have a loophole, those who are called to the mountain of government must also see when this occurs, because while it may be legal under the law as is, it doesn’t necessarily make it moral or ethical.

There have been times when a corporation will say that it may be easier to pay off a customer who has been harmed by their product or service because that is more cost effective than putting in place the measures that would prevent the problem to begin with. It may be okay legally, but that doesn’t make it right morally or ethically.

Image Credit: Jason Morrison

Those called to government must have eyes sharpened and focused to see the nuances of this and guard those gates that could lead to conflict or harm. We’re seeing it play out daily in the news as situation after situation arises in the form of terrorism, business dealings where companies remove their profits from the country because it cans save more by holding it elsewhere, and a host of other things.

If you’ve been called to the mountain of government, know that you require the eyes to see the details, as well as the larger picture. There’s a fine line that must be walked so that you can be close enough to be compassionate, yet high enough to see the whole of all that many be affected by decisions that must be made. Pray that God gives you the eyes that are keen enough to do both and exercise the power of your eyes.


QUESTION: Do you sense the call to exercise the power of your eyes upon the mountain of government? How can you bring greater glory to that mountain through the power of your eyes?

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