When St. Valentine’s Day Has Past

By the time you read this, St. Valentine’s Day will have come and gone. All of the Merchants will have removed all of the candy from the shelves in preparation of adding more St. Patrick’s Day and Easter merchandise. Restaurants and hotels will begin to shift their marketing campaigns onto the next thing that is profitable. Yet, for millions of couples around the world, what will it mean for their relationships? Will the spark that was kindled on that day continue to grow, or will it return to where it was before the cupid fanfare sparked anew?

Image Credit: Lisa Zanchi

It can be quite difficult as a man or woman in a marriage or any relationship because we can often become overloaded by our daily activities. Finding a natural rhythm of love that doesn’t feel forced or manufactured in the period that follows Valentine’s Day can be a challenge to navigate. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Keeping things natural can actually begin by having a mindset year-round that you want to show love to your spouse; not just on that special day but throughout the year. The birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays are special because they are significant markers that allow you to pre-plan or prepare something extra. What often adds something enjoyable for your spouse or the special person in your life are the random acts of love and expression that they aren’t expecting.

Image Credit: Laura Nubuck

This doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. This was something that I really had to learn during a time when I found myself being unemployed for 6 years. If you’re asking how I was able to handle being unemployed for such a long time, I’ll have to share that at another time. However, I found that a written note or an unexpected social media posting that relayed my heart was often something that put a smile on my wife’s face and let her know that I was thinking about her, that I still find her attractive, that there is still flames burning for her, regardless of the present state we found ourselves in.

I’ve never built a campfire or prepared one in the fireplace, but I’ve watch my grandfather do this when I was a kid, most often during cold winter days. What I’ve learned by watching him do this is that it’s always easier to add a log and stoke the flame than it is to have to rebuild from scratch. Those precious acts that we can do to make an ordinary day less ordinary are the equivalent of fanning the flames to keep things warm between you, rather than having the flame go out and having to work at trying to create a new spark.

Image Credit: Nevit Delmin

I don’t know how you chose to spend your St. Valentine’s Day this year but it’s my hope that the times you’re give from that day on throughout the rest of your life can be more loving, just because you made an effort to show more love; whether it’s random or intentional.


QUESTION: What are you doing to show love now that Valentine’s Day has past?

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