The Power of Your Eyes – [Part Seven]

It has been a wonderful time sharing a few thoughts on the power of your eyes, as they pertain to each of the mountains of culture. As we look at the mountain of media, we are going to see what the power of your eyes are meant to bring forth as they are focused where they need to be.

Image Credit: Bartlomiej Stroinski

Those who have been called to the mountain of media must realize that this is one of the most critical areas of influence for any nation. Those who are called to the mountain of media are specifically called to be witnesses, to survey, and to report what they see and observe, truthfully and with integrity. As such, those called to this mountain must have their eyes fixed upon that which is good and declare that truth, as well as condemning the evil.

A biblical example of this would have to be the 12 spies that Moses sent out to survey the Promised Land. He told them to go out and see if the land was as God had said. When they returned, they did in fact admit that the land was as it had been conveyed to them. However, 10 of the twelve added a negative report of why they should not go into the land. These ten, saw the greatness of the land but placed more emphasis on the giants that were in the land. This outweighed in their minds the truth of having a living God on their side. It also put fear into the hearts of their people. That report cursed them and their generation and caused their children to be delayed entry into the Promised land by forty years.

Image Credit: Jon Wisbey

The challenge for many is that they choose to see the evil. So, because they become hyper-sensitive to it and report on that instead of simply acknowledging it and looking for the good that exists in spite of it, it causes the public who hears it to become fearful and not see the living God as able to see them through it or able to overcome the bad.

Eyes can either magnify the good or magnify the evil. God’s desire is that the eyes magnify the good. This is not to say that evil is to be ignored. Those called to the mountain of media must be able to see the evil and condemn it, acknowledging that God is greater and is able to even make things right when things are going wrong.

Image Credit: Alexander Rist

Notice that Caleb and Joshua dared to still believe that they could possess the land that the other ten said was filled with giants. They did not look at the fact there were giants as a deterrent but as an opportunity for God to once again show Himself strong on their behalf. They had a history with an all-powerful God that could deliver the land into their hands. Because of this, they were the only two of their generation to enter the land with the children of their generation.

The mountain of media needs people who have eyes to see an all-powerful God who is well able to handle everything, is control of everything, and can bring glory out of every situation in spite of what is evident. How much more could be accomplished by a people who are filled with hope instead of fear? How much more will people dare to achieve and aspire to when they don’t have a hesitancy that something can’t be done?

Image Credit: Jon Tyson

Is there a population explosion? Yes. Did God not think the earth could handle the number of people that live in it when He told Adam and Eve to fill the earth? Is climate change a surprise to God? No. Is poverty a surprise to God? Of course not. Is there lawlessness throughout the land that He is unaware of? None.

So, those who are called to ascend the mountain of media must have eyes that can see the good and the troubles, but shine the light of God on it all and declare that God is well able through it all. Your eyes must be powerful enough to see God’s glory greater than the filth, the trauma, the calamity, and the fallen. If your eyes are capable of seeing the greatness, recount the history of God’s track record and convey what’s possible when the nations place their faith in Him, there can be no doubt that the world can become much brighter and better as a result.


QUESTION: What are your eyes beholding that needs to be reported from the mountain of media and can bring greater glory to the Kingdom and the nations?

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  1. Excellent word, Brian, thanks. The most wonderful thing someone ever said to me was, “I like how you see.” May God help us to see, acknowledge, appreciate, and receive the goodness in all that’s around us!

  2. Deb Palmer · · Reply

    Loved this. If journalists would rise to this expectation the world’s perception would at least be somewhat balanced. So many thought-provoking statements. Thanks.

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