A Few Prophetic Thoughts Since Billy Graham Passed

By the time you read this, it will have been 9 days since the passing of Reverend Dr. Billy Graham. People will have attended his funeral and perhaps, some of the shock will have settled as the world comes to grip with the reality that he is no longer living among us. I have been pondering what prophetic insight I could glean from his passing, especially in light of so many others who have both previously have prophesied about him. While I don’t claim to be as anointed as those who have a more public presence, I no less believe that God has shared with me some things to take note of. 

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As I reflected on who Billy Graham was to the nation and the type of ministry he led, I began to get a sense that God is awakening His Church to a new time and season that is upon us. Billy Graham was birthed into the earth literally three years following the conclusion of the Azusa Street Revival which broke out in California between 1909-1915. A Holy Spirit revival that broke out and reintroduced to the Church in America to the power and work of the Holy Spirit lasted six years. Three years later, Graham was born. I believe that nine-year period was an introduction of God’s heart for a great awakening of a harvest of souls that God was preparing Billy Graham to help usher in. Nine is recognized by many as a number of new birthing and even his birth was a sign of a birthing of a great evangelistic move by the Holy Spirit. 

Graham’s passing at the age of 99 is a prophetic sign of a double measure of that evangelistic anointing being released into the earth for an exponentially greater harvest to come through those who are proactively seeking the mantle that was upon his life. Many have already prophesied this. What I see a bit differently is that it has been prophesied that this will happen through two individuals taking up the mantle.  

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However, I see it more as it being taken up by two types of people. I believe that God is raising up both a prophetic generation and an apostolic generation together to reap the harvest of souls. The apostolic people will have a different view of how to organize an evangelistic movement for a new generation that is eagerly awaiting and fully expectant of a supernatural encounter with God. The prophetic people will have a way of seeing things and calling out, calling forth, and speaking into this new season. 

I believe that this new season will begin to come to light within the next year. Somewhere between this time and March of 2019, we’re going to see the unfolding of this great awakening to the reaping of the harvest. Why beginning around this time? With Graham’s passing at the age of 99, it signals a lead into a double jubilee. As he would have turned 100 on November 7, 2018, it would mark a dual jubilee cycle. It also follows the Jewish Holy celebration Rosh Hashanah, which brings in a New Year for God’s people in September, which happens to be the 9th month on our calendar. It will be the Hebraic year 5779.  

The number 99 also is a multiple of the number 11 which is the number of transition. As such, I believe that it is a prophetic signal of transition from the decline of faith in America to a season of explosive growth, a turning away from a lawless or faithless generation of Christians, to one of full faith and active faith Christianity. This generation of believers who will reap the harvest will be a bold, daring, fearless Joshua, Caleb and Esther company who will minister with reckless abandon, yet with Godly fathers and mothers guiding and prophetically covering them in prayer. 

Image Credit: BillyGraham.org

In this, I also see a greater glory for God’s Church as I believe it will signal greater unity across generations of Christians. A stronger unity for elder saints and younger, as there will be a mutual honoring of the strength and ability in each. It will also signal a unity across the racial divide; not just blacks and whites, but also Native American, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, Messianic Jews and more. Where Azusa failed to unite the Church in America and the Civil Rights Movement did not fully realize it, and Dr. Graham still voicing his regret in not doing more for the movement, I believe that there will be a company of Christians who will recognize this and work tirelessly to see that the mending beginning within and across denominational lines and various Christian expressions. Imagine evangelical, Protestant, Charismatic, prophetic and other donominational movements coming together as one. 

I know this seems a great stretch, but I believe within my heart that this is what God is speaking into this season. It is what I will be praying into for the remainder of the year and into next year to begin seeing manifest. It what I pray that many of you will also pray into and look with expectancy to see unfold. 


QUESTION: What do you believe that Dr. Billy Graham’s passing is prophetically signalling? 

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