The Turnaround Conference


February 22, 2018 is perhaps a day that passed by for most as uneventful. Sure, there are some who will recall that it is George Washington’s birthday, the first president of the United States. However, fewer will realize it as the day of the Turnaround. Those who are aware of the Turnaround Conference will no doubt see it as being as pivotal a date in history for the Church, as even 9/11 has become for the nation.

Image Credit: Turnaround Conference

The conference comes exactly one day after the passing of Billy Graham. While Dutch Sheets and those who were with him in organizing the conference could not have known that his passing would come right at that time, it seems that few could miss the significance of it. The Turnaround Conference had been planned months in advance as a burden on the heart of Dutch Sheets to relaunch the next move in the Appeal to Heaven message that God had previously given him.

The entire conference seemed full of prophetic signs and significance. Many people arrived at the conference with tuning forks and courtroom gavels. Dutch Sheets showed the ones that had been presented to him, along with a pin belonging to a former U.S. Marshall.

As Dutch spoke on the first night, he revealed how the tuning fork was symbolic of a new sound that was being released into the atmosphere. Many people with a prophetic heart and a spirit of worship shouted in agreement regarding this. Tuning forks are an instrument designed to align musical instruments to their proper vibrational pitch. As such, God was aligning His people and their hearts to be in tuned with His own, for the sake of the nation and the call to evangelistically turn the nation around.

The gavel, Dutch said was a sign of the apostolic authority and anointing that God was calling many to operate in. As a judge will issue a decision, they strike the gavel, as a declaration that it’s final. This sign of the gavel was to let the people present know they too have the authority in God to declare the things of God in the earth, as it is already in heaven and rest assured that it is final.

The U.S. Marshall shield pin was a symbol of the authority to arrest and take captive. Most people’s encounter with a U.S. Marshall might be in the context of being on a commercial flight. The Marshall is present to arrest anyone who may get out of line. They represent the government and call things into order. The shield is a symbol of their authority to ensure the enemy cannot run wild any longer.

All of these prophetic symbols were given as a sign to those present and those watching of the new day and the turning of the season for the Church to be victorious over the giants that have for too long had their way. In as much as the passing of Billy Graham signaled a passing of the evangelistic mantle to reap a latter-day harvest, this conference signaled the receiving of the mantle and the call to take down the giants in the land.

It would appear that many are already sensing this shift and turn as many are awakening evermore to the need for prophetic intercession. As many more are praying, it is also causing them to hear solutions to issues that have been a barrier to the release that God has been wanting to set forth. If you were not aware of the Turnaround Conference, I urge you to check out the livestream that was recorded in Washington D.C. Allow it to begin the turnaround within you.


QUESTION: If you did not catch the conference on the week of February 22 – 24, 2018, I wonder if you at least have the sense that there is a shift and a turnaround taking place? What are your hopes for this season?

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