The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan [Book Review]

I recently completed Jennifer LeClaire’s book The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan: Unmasking 15 Harassing Demons That Want to Destroy Your Life. Part of the reason behind my reading it is because for quite a while, I have been burdened by a stronger need for praying. It’s not that I haven’t been praying. I pray daily and continually through the day. It’s been something that I’ve become accustomed to since my youth. However, as I grow older, my praying and desire in praying has become more strategic. I’ve seen much in my lifetime and I am well aware that there is a spiritual battle that we face as Christians, that we cannot simply fight at a natural level and this requires an equipping and understanding.

Image Credit: The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan Cover Art

In Jennifer’s book The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan, she presents her experiences with spiritual warfare into four unique sections. The first section specifically deals with the principalities that prey on believers: the spirits of anti-Christ, Jezebel, Leviathan, and Python. Here, she speaks to what they are and what they are not. She makes note of this because in many cases, people often attribute wrong characterizations of these spirits, so they miss the true ways in which the operate and create an offense for the saint.

In the second section she tackles the powers press against the saints. While it might seem the same as the principalities, they’re not. When you read Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he makes note of the distinct of differences. She points to the religious unrighteous rules that many try to burden believers with. Then Jennifer points to the ways in which some operate by witchcraft. Here, she gives example of how even Christians fall into operating in witchcraft, not just those who call themselves witches. Here too is where she gives key insights to recognizing the ways in which witchcraft can be manifesting in your life. The introduction to the sting of death is chock full of wisdom that I believe many overlook or are completely unaware.

The final two sections that cover the demons that torment and the power to overcome are uniquely designed to enable the believer to know the enemy and his tactics, as well as be encouraged that we are well able through prayer and the Holy Spirit to overcome.

This book is for every believer. I say this because Jesus told his disciples that we are to be aware of the tactics of our adversary. If we are to do battle effectively, so that Christ’s declaration of the gate of hell not prevailing, then we need to be spiritually prepared with all the resources that we can obtain to know our enemy and how we can overcome him at every turn. No saint need be afraid of spiritual warfare. We have been given authority to do battle and empowered to be victorious. If you are like me and have been sensing a call to a greater degree of spiritual warfare, you may find this book a good resource to prepare you.

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