21 Ways to Forgive: Plus Nine Reasons We Must Forgive [Book Review]

I have heard many people teach, preach, and give advice on why people need to forgive. I’ve heard people both in the psychology community, faith community, and many of the come on television to share their best reasons why forgiveness is a life changing thing for those who are willing to forgive. However, I have never seen such depth and wealth of wisdom regarding forgiveness, such as what is contained in Wes Daughenbaugh’s book 21 Ways to Forgive: Plus Nine Reasons We Must Forgive. 

Image Credit: EncouragementExpert.Com

What’s unique about this book is that he flips the script by first presenting those nine reason why we must forgive before he shares the ways in which we can forgive. I think that this is crucial because if you don’t begin with the why, knowing how really won’t matter. Each chapter is only a few brief pages but deeply impactful. Many of them include visuals that enhance the points being made.

Something that anyone can appreciate about a subject like this is that Wes Daughenbaugh writes from a place of personal experience. Many of the concepts that he shares comes out of heartfelt situations that have impacted his life and ministry.  He also presents many biblical examples of forgiveness; including the greatest example of Christ, when he asked God to forgive those who persecuted and crucified him, as he hung from the cross.

If you believe that you have struggled with forgiving someone, hold grudges, or even wonder how you can forgive someone who either doesn’t know that they have hurt you or has died before you could forgive them and you wonder if forgiveness is even possible, reading this book will show you how. It will also show the blessings that come when you do. This book can be a teaching tool for ministry leaders, an aid for small group leaders, or anyone who is in need of healing in their spirit, soul and body. 


QUESTION: Have you ever imagined that there could be this many reasons for forgiving someone? What might your life look like if you could forgive someone and move forward in our life without the weight of the pain it caused you? 

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  1. Wes Daughenbaugh · · Reply

    Hi. I’m Wes Daughenbaugh, author of 21 WAYS TO FORGIVE. Thank you for reviewing my book and for your positive comments. If you’d ever like to teach it yourself I’d give you the artwork in a power-point for free. Just got the master DVD of me teaching through it, which will be posted on the web site tomorrow–download for $10 and the physical DVD for $15.
    Love in Christ, Wes

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