The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place [Review]

It seems that the older I get, the more I find technology is becoming a dominant part of my life. I’m surrounded by people who are plugged into their iPhones, iPads and iWatch. Ever few days you hear about someone who had an accident or walked into a wall or some other obstruction because their head was down in the face of their phone. My own children are in a school that has made it a mission to acclimate them at the grade school level with how to use technology to search, discover, and engage the world in which they live.  

Image Credit: Tech-Wise Cover Art

Reading Andy Crouch’s book, The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Step for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place brought new revelation to the challenges that face families all over the world as we try to bring balance to the technology that we have to use for work, as well as use in a way that was initially meant to make life. Throughout this book, Andy presents not only the challenges that families face, including statistics and anecdotes to illustrate them, he also presents many biblical reasons for keeping that technology in a proper place. 

Whether you are considering the safety and security factor, the issues of work/life balance, or simply structures and systems necessary to ensure that your family doesn’t become isolated from one another or completely anti-social; Andy’s book will present some common-sense tools and tips to help anyone.  

Many of those common-sense things seem obvious, such as structuring the time we use it, shaping the space of our homes to properly fit them into our lives, or even developing the character necessary to steward them responsibly. He goes further to share how our daily lives can both make space for them, as well as keep God first by remembering things like the sabbath. His wrap up of discussing the impact that technology can have on our health is nothing to ignore. In the same manner in which we should not ignore our own health, we should also not ignore the sage advice he presents here either. 

While I’ll admit that some of the things presented in his book may seem extreme, it only goes to point out for me just how attached we can all become to the technology that was meant to make life better, but instead many of us become addicted to it. I believe that if you happen to be someone looking for some way to bring some sanity to your family in relationship to the technology that surrounds you, this book may most likely be the resource you need.  


QUESTION: Have you noticed your life becoming taken over by technology like a Borg attached to the cubed ship seen in Star Trek: TNG? What things have you found helpful for securing your family’s sanity and sanctuary? 

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