Leadership Pain: The Classroom for Growth [Review]

Throughout my life, I’ve been very familiar with pain. As someone who has lived with sickle cell anemia, I know all too well the trauma that comes with physical, mental, and emotional pain. There are times when you try to ignore it, and times when you know you cannot, because the pains are so great. Often, it is those greater pains that let you know that you are in way over your head. It seems, a similar understanding can be found in leadership pain. Because of this, Samuel Chand presents his book Leadership Pain: The Classroom for Growth, as a way to bring attention to leaders the good and the bad of leadership pain, how do deal with it appropriately, and use it when it shows, so that it doesn’t crush or destroy you. 

Image Credit: Leadership Pain Cover Art

Samuel Chand makes a point that whether you are a leader in the church or a leader in business, pain is pain and should never be ignored. From his illustrations of leadership leprosy and how a leader can lose vital and essential parts of themselves, to the literal challenges often faces, Chand reveals how ignoring those signs or traumas can easily become exacerbated or even lead to catastrophic and disastrous failures and endings. 

Much of the anecdotes that Samuel Chand uses come from his own experiences and those of people he has either encountered or coached through the years. Each of them highlights a significant and critical point he wishes every leader to understand in relationship to the pain in leadership. When you come to the chapter of growing pains he specifically deals with the challenges that a leader faces or can face when dealing with issues of growth of a ministry or organization. What happens when a leader faces growing pains? Are the right people around to help facilitate the systems and structures that are needed to manage the pains? How do you find them? 

I don’t want to give too much away about this book and all of the wisdom that has been encapsulated within the pages. I want you to see that within this book is great help and hope for any leader who has become familiar with leadership pains and wants to know how to handle them, not ignore them or succumb to them.  No matter what kind of leader you are, hope to become or where you are in life, this book will be something that you can draw upon to meet the challenges of your pain or pains. 

Whether you are already established as a leader or imagine becoming, you’ll discover that this is one book that will make for a great tool in equipping you and your team which inevitably will face all manner of leadership pain. I’d say that this book is for both the leader (in ministry, government, business or elsewhere) and the person who desires to be a support for the leader in their life.  


QUESTION: How do you handle pain as a leader? If you’re not in some form of leadership, how do you help your leader(s) to handle their pain? 

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