An Age Of Distinction

The Church is entering a time in which God is creating a distinction between those who are truly His and those who are merely having a form of godliness. This presents a great challenge for many who are the faithful. It’s a challenge because as those who truly have a heart to represent God and His Kingdom as He has called it to, there must be also a confrontation with the false, which the world won’t immediately understand.


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The world is and has always been in search of what truth is and how they can know it. The Church has been entrusted with the task of reintroducing the world to that Truth which is uncompromising, authoritative, and absolute. God is Truth, He is Just, and He is Love.

Many who are entering the world claiming to be of Christ do well in presenting God as Truth and Just, yet in neglecting the Love, many in the world become jaded, hurt, shamed and left feeling rejected. However, the ones who will find great success in drawing the world to the Light of the world will be those who can display the Love of God. These will be the ones who disciple the nations and change the world. These will be the ones who will stand out.

Standing out won’t simply come by those who are charismatic or have a great following. Standing out will come by truly being different. When Peter speaks of the Church as a chosen generation, royal priesthood, holy nation and peculiar people (see 1 Peter 2:9) he was calling people’s attention to the fact that those who are in Christ are of the same make up as Christ. If Christ be the cornerstone and the Church be the living stones that represents the house God is building, those that do not fully reflect or bear the image of Christ in love will have a distinct look that many will recognize as false.

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May those who are truly God’s rise up in the seven spheres of society to bring God’s light to the dark places. The mountains of Arts and Entertainment, Business and Economy, Education, Family, Government, Media, and Religion must all be restored to their full glory in acknowledging God as the originator of it all. It has all been created for humanity to recognize its relationship with God.

This age of distinction is not merely to enable the world to recognize who of the Church is “right” or “wrong” it is also that those who do not bear the fullness to acknowledge that there is a missing piece so that they can become what they have not been. God’s desire is that all would be redeemed and restored; that none should perish or astray. When those who have failed to love come to the awareness that they have missed the mark, there is yet a faithful God who will accept the repentant heart because He desires His children be made whole.

Let this be a day in which the Church acknowledges Love as the key to bringing light to the dark places. Let this be a day in which healing begins in the hearts of men, women and children all around the world.

QUESTION: How will you exemplify Christ during this age of distinction?

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