It’s Time to Tap into A Legacy of Prayer

It’s an interesting thing to note how often we can look back over our lives and acknowledge that we have made strides in our faith walk simply because someone loved us enough to pray for us. It could be a grandmother or grandfather, a mother or father, an aunt or uncle, a friend or sibling, or even a spouse. Whatever the case may be, someone’s prayers for us are something that we are grateful for and recognize as being a catalyst for something that we are presently walking out. However, do we ever consider that there are prayers that have been prayed, not just for us as an individual, but for us in the church we are a member of, the community that we live in, the state or nation that we call ours? 

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I am learning that while someone who prayed a prayer for me as someone who felt a personal calling to invest in my spiritual destiny, there are many who have prayed for me who I may not know directly. It could be generations removed, or someone I have no known natural kinship to; yet they have nevertheless prayed for me in some fashion. They might have prayed for me as they lifted up a prayer for a specific desire that they hoped to see fulfilled in their community or in this nation. It could be that they have prayed for something that could not have been fulfilled in their lifetime, but they knew if they prayed, it would be fulfilled in a time yet to happen. 

We have great evidence of this as we know many prayed for the promised Christ, generations before he entered the earth realm. We have evidence of this as even Jesus told his disciples that he had prayed for them for a time that had yet occurred. It was the same way with Paul who told many of the people who walked with him that he had prayed for them. He even reminded Timothy how he prayed for him day and night (see 2 Timothy 1:3). 

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Knowing that there are many who have prayed for us in one manner or another, it behooves us to tap into those prayers, as many of them are prayers of legacy that in some cases have yet to unfold their full harvest in our lives. There are a great many prayers that we can tap into because we have recorded evidence of them through journals and writings of various methods. There are many that have been passed down by way of continual reminding through those people we know and love. Then there are some that we simply have to go on by faith to know that as God places a specific burden in our own hearts to pray for, there have been others who have prayed the same prayer before us. 

Now is the season to tap into those prayers and connect faith to faith, knowing that prayers never die in God, unless by our disagreement or fears reject them. In the same way that we touch and agree with people when we pray, we can agree with prayers that have already been prayed. What victories might we see unfold because we came into agreement with prayers that have already been prayed, adding strength to strength, and anointing with anointing?  

There are prayers that Martin Luther King Jr prayed that have yet to be fully manifested. There are, no doubt prayers that have been prayed by presidents, pastors, and other civic leaders that we’ve yet to realize and tap into, imply out of ignorance or failure that are waiting to be agreed with so that the release of the blessings and fruit may come. Let’s endeavor in this season to tap into the prayers that have become a legacy for us to take up and bring them forth. 


QUESTION: Are you ready to tap into a prayer legacy to unleash the harvest that has been waiting? 

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