Is a Spirit of Fear and Offense Building Up to an Un-Civil War?

It seems with each passing day people everywhere you look are becoming offended by everything and anything. It appears that very little if anything can be tolerated without fear or without reprisal of some sort. Simple disagreements or differences of opinion are becoming wedges that divide rather than expressions of diverse thought. Offense is rooted in fear. Offense often has a secondary root which is ego. People often fear what they don’t understand and become offended when they perceive that they’ve been wronged or cannot accept the possibility that they may be in the wrong.

Image Credit: Daily Beast

Much of the offense we are seeing exhibited today appears excessive, and in some cases, is being exploited. People who are oblivious to this rising spirit are falling prey to the massively building tension that seems to want this nation ripped apart in hate and aggression. When this nation went through the Civil War from 1861 to 1865, it divided the nation primarily along territorial lines over how it would deal with slavery. Today, the nation is once again on the brink of an Un-Civil War. However, this time, it appears that it is building up not by territorial lines, but ideological ones that pose a greater threat to the nation by families. Even friends and neighbors are becoming hostile towards one another at an alarming rate and quick fashion.

It’s time for people to wake up and see this Spirit for what it is. Entertaining it is not modeling the spirit in which this nation was founded or the Spirit which has kept it sustained even in the midst of national crisis. When Cain became offended by his brother Abel, it was not simply a matter of him being angry. It was a resentment that his offering was not accepted by God. Much of the anger seen in the country now is not merely about not liking who the president is or how he won an election. It is rooted in a failure to see how far many have shifted from the constitutional, moral, and even spiritual foundations that built this nation. The resentment and anger being shown, like Cain’s is rising to a boiling point that if not dealt with will end in real bloodshed.

Image Credit: AP

Now is an opportunity for those who are succumbing to fear and offense to purge themselves through repentance, acknowledging where they have gone astray and getting themselves back on the right track both with God and the nation. If those who are in the grip of fear and offense can humble themselves and find the faith to believe in this nation and that doing justly will win, an Un-Civil War can be averted and the fruitfulness of a nation will not be lost to any.


QUESTION: What thoughts do you have for dealing with these spirits of fear and offense that are seeking to rip the nation apart?


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