Resurrection Day and Its Impact on Your 2019 Harvest

Earlier in the year God emphasized to me that this was going to be the year of birthing, the expected harvest, and the outpouring of anointing and glory. As I pondered what this would look like, my attention turned to this being a year in which it would not fully require us to have everything in order to accomplish the manifestation of what we’re expecting. Yet, it would require us to do what God is calling us to do. The areas of our weakness are not something to be ashamed of or looked down upon, for God is a God who loves to make up the difference. We need only do our part first.

Image Credit: Sonny Leon

For many people, this meant that the beginning of the year was a season of plowing and preparation of the ground of the heart to receive the word as a seed. Tilling the ground can be difficult because in some cases, the ground can become hard from seasons of defeat in the previous year, moments of being stuck from a mindset that no longer works in an ever-evolving, changing climate or environment. Prayer and a renewing of the mind were integral to softening the ground of the heart in that beginning part of the year. 

As winter has finally given way to spring, our attention turns to Resurrection Day which is coming. Resurrection Day is a reminder of what Christ did for us over 2000 years ago. He was the seed sown. He once told his followers that “unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone (see John 12:24 NKJV).” Jesus was the embodiment of the grain of wheat that was willing to go into the ground and die in order that a greater harvest would be produced.

Image Credit: M Nota

If you have spent the last few months sowing the word, watering the word, and nurturing the words of God in your heart, your faith must eventually activate that word through a corresponding action to germinate that seed to spring forth. 

This season, as we look to the fullness of what Christ did for us in not only dying but also at what he produced through his burial and resurrection, let it remind us that our own sacrifices set forth a stage to turn the word which was planted in our hearts into a life producing action and an exponential fruit producing harvest. Let this be the season that you spring into action, ready to go forth into what is being called for in this season. 


QUESTION: What things are you focused on this season as you move towards your expected harvest?

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