A View of the President in the Age of Distinction – [Part 1]

There is no doubt that the current President of the United States of America conjures up an assorted array of opinions and thoughts in the minds of people worldwide. No matter who you talk to, the views are so varied that even among many in the body of Christ cannot agree on how the Church should contextualize him for their congregations, as well as to the culture, in speaking to his impact on this nation and the world at large. It’s not the first time that there has been a debate on how to view a president, but this one seems uniquely unprecedented in an age of unprecedented events.

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Even before Donald Trump the candidate had announced his candidacy, people had their opinions about the man as a businessman. Some saw him as a genius who made amazing deals and moves as a builder. Some saw him as an astute mogul who was able to translate his business acumen wherever he turned his attention. Yet, the transition from a celebrated businessman who had an amazing eye for how to create a novel reality television brand into a candidate for president seemed to ruffle feathers virtually immediately, as though any attempt should be denied from the outset. Again, this is not new either. A similar question was raised when a former actor turned California Governor dared to enter his name as a candidate for leader of the free-world.

Yet, the division among Christians seemed to be uniquely different in this age of distinction. You may wonder why I call this the age of distinction. Let me transition for a moment to explain. A few years prior to the 2016 election, the now late Prophet Kim Clement had prophesied in 2007 that “Trump shall be a Trumpet” in the nation. It is so interesting that Prophet Kim would prophesy many things pertaining to then businessman Donald Trump. From the time of the events of 9/11/01 to a number of years in office as President, the prophecies have been spot on and unquestioned. In 2010, Prophet Kim prophesied another great prophecy regarding a betrayal in the White House.

Upon hearing this, there was something unique in this prophetic word that drew my own attention to the similarities of what he spoke and it resonated with what we can see as a parallel to the 10 plagues of Egypt. This parallel began to reveal to me how we are now in what I can only describe as an age of distinction. In the story of the 10 plagues, God sent Moses to Pharaoh to demand the release of the people of Israel. Within the releasing of those ten plagues, there came a distinction made between the people of Israel from the people of Egypt, as well as those who were the people of Israel from those who had a true heart to follow God in obedience.

Fast forward to the days of Jesus and we see that in his day, he makes an amazing statement in Luke 12:49-56. Part of that statement reveals that part of his agenda was not one that would result in a Utopia. In fact, he announced that it would divide homes and families. In a sense, the age of distinction began with that announcement. However, that age of distinction has become even more evident today as the Church has become divided in its view not just of President Trump, but the significance of his presidency.

There are some who have viewed this president as a type of David. Others as a type of Cyrus. The strange thing is that no matter what biblical character some in the faith community have made comparisons to, there are others who are completely offended by whatever comparison is made, as though he should not be seen as a type of anything if it results in a potential positive view of him or reveal his relevance to this day and age. This is a problem, because God gives us types and shadows as a means of discerning the times as a prophetic company; not just for the interpretation for the body of Christ, but also that we might lend answers and comfort to a world who does not comprehend it.

In my next post, I will delve further into some of the differing views of President Trump and why he is significant to this age of distinction. Until that time, whatever your current view of him is, the call to pray is always warranted.


QUESTION: What significance have you seen of the President in this #AgeOfDistinction?


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