A View of the President in the Age of Distinction – [Part 2]

In my last post, I shared a few thoughts on how there have been varying views of the President of the United States in this age of distinction. In this post, I want to continue looking at this age of distinction while acknowledging opposing views that have seemingly placed Christians in the position of having opposing perspectives. Some Christians adamantly state you can’t possibly be Christian if you support the president. Others believe that a lack of support for the president is at best not in the interests of Christian virtues and values, and at worst anti-Christ.

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In looking at the first typology or comparison between the president and King David, it is important to first point out that no typology is ever 100% perfect. One of the first things that you can consider when looking at the president is that he has been a fighter from the time he took on the established status quo of politics. Lance Wallnau, who was one of the first people to declare that Trump would be president and even wrote a book titled God’s Chaos Candidate, shared that then candidate Trump was to be “a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness”.

I bring this specific comment to light particularly because David was an unlikely candidate to be king. When we look at the life of David, he was not from the royal line of Saul who had failed God as the first king of Israel. He was also not the choice among his own family, as even God’s servant the prophet Samuel had presumed, as did Jesse, that any of the other brothers would have been an exceptional selection. David’s ultimate qualifier turned out to be his submissiveness to obey God. The argument against this comparison of David and President Trump by many is that they assume because of outward appearances he could not possibly be accepting a call by God or even be used by God because he is a flawed and sinful man, who does not exemplify what most consider qualities becoming of a national leader.

The fallacy in this argument is that there is no evidence in scripture that a person has to meet some specific qualification to be chosen of, or used of God. They merely have to be available. The Bible is replete with examples of individuals and even whole nations being used of by God for His divine purpose and many weren’t godly by any definition. In the days following President Trumps victory, it’s been written that it was his wife who recognized the significance and the necessity of not just running, but winning the presidency. Her certainty has a sense of a Mordechai moment feel to it.

As King, David spent much of his lifetime vanquishing many of Israel’s enemies. While many of Israel’s enemies were external, his fighting set a stage of victory and a preparing the nation for the peace that would follow under his son Solomon, who would eventually build God’s temple. David was uniquely positioned to building the finances and resources necessary for preparing a place where God would be worshiped.

In my previous post, there’s a link to a video in which Prophet Kim Clement spoke of President Trump being a man who would enter the White House whispering God’s name but would later become a man who shouts the name of God. You cannot help but note that from the time President Trump took the oath of office, he has not shied away from invoking the name of God in every speech, acknowledging America as a nation under God, made it a hallmark of his presidency to show support for Israel and Christians in America and the world over.

However, much of President Trump’s opposition has not been external, as David’s was. President Trump’s opposition has been and remains a fight against corruption within the government and systems that have opposed him from the day he announced his intention to run for the office. The opposition among many Christians has been along the lines of character, demeanor, temperament, and likability factor. It’s interesting to note that Jesus chose Peter whom many have called a hot head. He called Matthew who as a tax collector was not of honest rapport. Even Paul was a persecutor of the early Christians before his call to ministry.

Although there is no evidence that the Church will ever be in total agreement on everything pertaining to theology, doctrine, or opinion, it is important to note that a mature body of believers will evidence a spirit of love and a prophetic edge that is void of personal bias. We can see that regardless who God raised up as king, Samuel was unbiased in giving a prophetic word that spoke to the need of the day. The same could be said of Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others. In the age of distinction, you can see the President as a type of David or not, but this is not the important thing. What is ultimately important is to see that the president is a man for this time and that those who want God’s best for this nation should be praying that God will continue to use him as an instrument to bring justice to the nation and freedom for those who worship God.


QUESTION: In this #AgeOfDistinction, what are you seeing in the way the president is functioning in his current role?

If you missed Part One, click here.

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