A View of the President in the Age of Distinction – [Part 4]

This my fourth in the series on a view of the president in the age of distinction. In this installment, I want to take a turn from speaking mainly about the president to speaking about things that the Church in America need to focus on in light of what President Trump has meant in the last few years and what his presidency will mean in the years to come. It’s plain to see the accomplishments being made in this presidential term: a booming economy; a dynamic reverence for justice; law and order, and those who uphold the law and the constitution; tackling human and sex trafficking; and overall giving people of all kinds a second chance at life and prosperity.

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Whether this year solidifies President Trump a second term or not, there are several things that the American church needs to be doing now, and in the years to come. As I’ve stated in one of the previous posts, if you see President Trump as a Cyrus type, one of the things that the church needs to begin to acknowledge is the responsibility and assume the burden of rebuilding. This nation has weaved into the fabric of its history Judeo-Christian values. Those values were at the heart of every area of American culture.

Believe it or not, many of the Founding Fathers were of the belief that a knowledge and reverence of Scripture and God was essential to the governing of the nation. This belief was so deeply held that many of the scholarly institutions that educated leaders were required to have a working knowledge of the Bible, which makes sense given that much of constitutional law was rooted in biblical law.

What does this have to do with the Church? It has everything to do with the Church. This is a time in which the Church needs to focus on rebuilding its place in culture as an integral part of culture and not allow the “Sanballat’s” of the world to intimidate and obstruct the task of fortifying a moral consciousness in the nation.

Another thing that the Church must do is to take ownership of much of the authority it has abdicated when it allowed government to be the go-to institution of charity. There is no other cultural mountain that has a greater mandate to show charity than the Church. While the mountain of business can finance a great deal, it is the mountain of Religion and Family through which true charity, compassion and care are exemplified at its greatest.

This is not to say that the Church does not already do charity. However, much of what the government has become responsible for in the way of being the stop gap for caring for the elderly, the orphan, the weak and forgotten was scripturally commanded for the church to accomplish. This includes the abused (sexually, physically, mentally, emotionally, economically and spiritually), the exploited, and the wounded. This is going to require a great shift in thinking and heart posture as we can see the impact that a near century’s long relinquishing of that responsibility has also contributed to the church losing it voice and favor with the culture it was meant to be salt and light in.

Part of rebuilding is also going to require the Church to take ownership of where it has failed in defending those that were taken advantage of within the walls of the Church. Just because only certain denominations have been exposed to the various ways it has taken advantage of the weak among them doesn’t mean it isn’t in other areas of the body. It only means that it has not been exposed. This is an opportunity for correcting that issue and becoming a living example of doing the work of reconciliation.

Christ was a great offender of the religious of his day because he boldly pointed out their hypocrisy while also showing a more excellent way. It was one of the main reasons he was so impactful in transforming culture. He walked the walk that he talked.

President Trump has not only walked his walk boldness, he has displayed to the Church the way in which it too must be unashamedly bold to walk the walk that it talks, so that the building of a nation and a rebuilding of the church can be fully realized. Let’s hope that the Church in America can learn these lessons and be the Nehemiah’s, Ezra’s, Daniel’s and Esther’s required to do the work necessary to fortifying and securing the future.


QUESTION: Can you think of other ways in which the Church can begin to rebuild during this #AgeOfDistinction?

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  1. What a mighty powerful word for the church in this season!!

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