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This is the Hour for the Watchmen

We are entering the final stretch of the year 2019. Much has taken place and many people have been expecting much to occur. As I have been sharing throughout this year, it has been a time of great expectation. Many looked with expectancy of a harvest. Many expected the new thing, the releasing of a […]

Is the Church Really Ready?

Throughout this year, many have prophesied of the great awakening and the great harvest that is coming. I have been one such person who has been speaking into this and sharing my insights. Yet, one question has begun to rise up in me that adds caution, not to the harvest, but to the church’s readiness […]

Rosh Hashanah 2019: The Shift is Coming

I have been hearing and seeing a shift taking place in this season. As many in the body of Christ are preparing to join their Hebrew brothers and sisters in the celebration of the Jewish New Year 5780, it is opening the eyes, hearts, and minds of many to see what God is about to […]

Labor Day is Coming in the Ninth Month

It has been a very momentous year thus far. Many people have seen and done much this year and are prepared for more to occur.  This has been a very challenging year for me, my family, and many people in my circle. It’s been wonderful to see many of the blessings that people have experienced […]

Raise Your Expectations

If this year has been for you anything similar to what it has been for me, you may have encountered a lot of intense heat lately. Throughout July was a period of intense heat and pressure.  I was thankful for an opportunity to actually get away for a week with my family and visit family. […]

A Simple Truth About Marriage Ministry

There are few people at this time who have not heard of the news regarding the marriage and ministry of Joshua Harris, author of books like I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl. The news of his separation from his wife and his walking away from Christianity reverberated throughout the body of Christ. This is not […]

A Season of Signs and Wonders

It doesn’t take a prophetic eye to see that there are signs and wonders in the earth that are on display for us to take notice of. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen earthquakes on the west coast, flooding in the southern states, and intense heat in the east. There is a reverberation throughout […]

Shifting in the Second Half

Welcome to the second half of 2019. No one can deny that this year has presented many great joys and many struggles. Summer is in full swing and as the heat is turning up for many who are using this time to devote to work, recreation and leisure of many sorts, attention is also turning […]

A New Generation is Being Born

We are currently in the month of June. As you may be aware, I have been sharing many thoughts about this year from a prophetic aspect. As the Lord has been speaking to me, I’ve been sharing those things that He has been highlighting to me about the things that this year represents for us […]

Jesus the Master Coach: How the 100 Questions of Jesus Enables Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime to Have Life-changing Interactions

Since Jesus Christ has walked the earth, he has been known as being many things: a master teacher, savior, healer, and much more. However, have you ever considered Jesus as a master coach? More than likely, you haven’t. However, Dr. Joseph Umidi presents that very thing: Jesus in the light of a master coach. As […]

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