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Prepare Your Heart For The Harvest

I continue to mull over the word of the Lord about this year and what has been said. If you have not read my post “It’s Time to Plow Through in This New Year”, I implore you to check that out also. As I’ve been meditating further, I’ve heard confirming words being spoken by many […]

Do You Carry Peace Wherever You Go?

This is a year that holds great potential for a harvest of souls. It is interesting to note that in six weeks, Lou Engle and other notable leaders will be gathering in Florida for the event known as The Send. It is an evangelistic campaign to launch the youth of this generation out in the […]

It’s Time To Plow Through in The Start of This New Year

I’ve been challenged in this new year already. Those who have been around me are aware that God spoke an unusual word to me as a word of focus for the year. The word He spoke to me was “Deficit”. I initially saw this in conflict with what God had previously shown me as what […]

Let This Be the Year That God Makes Up the Difference

As we crossed over into the new year it was an odd thing that the one word that I kept hearing was “deficit”. I kept asking the Lord, why this word! When most people are declaring a word for the new year or proclaiming that a particular word will be the word that they focus […]

What is God Speaking into the New Year [2019]

As the year 2018 is now drawing to a close, many people are beginning to look ahead to the new year 2019 which is swiftly approaching; that is, if they haven’t been thinking about it before now. For some, the year 2018 was quite challenging. For others, the year was filled with success and joy. […]

What Does Waiting Look Like?

You want to know something funny? You think of the strangest things when you have time to sit and simply think. I happened to be in a unique place recently when the thought of waiting came up. As I began to think about it, I began to think about language and how we often forget […]

Every Christian Has a Lane, Even Lauren Daigle

In my late teens and early twenties, I was a major fan of wrestling entertainment. Among my favorite wrestlers happens to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As a wrestler, he had some of the most memorable “one-liners” in the business. The reason for this is because many of his catch phrases coincide with scripture that […]

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Announces Jamal Harrison Bryant as New Pastor

Famed pastor, Dr. Jamal Bryant of Baltimore, MD is leaving Empowerment Temple AME Church for an Atlanta-area megachurch. Pastor Bryant founded Empowerment Temple in 2000, starting with 47 members and growing it to over 10,000 members. News spread quickly Monday as New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, in Lithonia, Ga., announced his transition to becoming their […]

Why Mainstream Media is Missing It and Why Social Media is the New Free Press

You may not have realized it, but mainstream media is in a tailspin. I’m not merely talking about the frenzy that they are creating of late over all things political, although this is a major reason. I’m talking about mainstream as a conglomerate of news agencies that is increasingly losing the faith of their viewers. […]

Then Are You My Disciples [Part 4)]

In this last look at the ways in which Jesus showed love to his disciples, I want to emphasize the point that one of the ways in which he showed his love was in his teaching them. It’s not just that he taught them like so many who say, “Do as I say, not as […]

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