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The Power of Your Words [Part 7]

For the past six weeks we have taken a look at the power of your words when they are employed in six of seven spheres of society: business, celebration, education, faith, family, and media. In this final week we will take a look at the power of your words when they impact the mountain of government. There can be […]

On Becoming Fearless in Love, Work and Life [Review]

With so many issues surrounding us in our lives, I thought it was an interesting proposition to take up the task of reading Arianna Huffington’s book On Becoming Fearless: in Love, Work and Life. I’m not too clear if the founder of the online news outlet Huffington Post intended this book to be exclusively for […]

The Power of Your Words [Part 6]

Over the last few weeks we have seen the power of our words in five of the seven mountains of culture. This week we will look at how our words have power on the mountain of media. There can be no doubt that over the last several years there has been an increasing escalation of […]

The Supernatural Ways of Royalty: Discovering Your Rights and Privileges of Being a Son or Daughter of God [Book Review]

If there is anything that I can say about Kris Vallotton and his book The Supernatural Ways of Royalty: Discovering Your Rights and Privileges of Being a Son or Daughter of God, is that it you know right from the title of the book what you are about to get into. There’ no mistaking it. He’s not leaving any room for […]

The Power of Your Words [Part 5]

This week we are covering the fifth part of this look at the power of your words. We’ve already seen how there is power in your words which can affect four other mountains of culture; faith, family, education and business. This time we are concentrating our exploration upon the mountain of celebration or the mountain […]

Talking to Your Teen About Relationship Pains

A little while ago, my wife and I had to have a talk with our oldest daughter about a painful moment. It’s not the kind of thing that you ever want to have to deal with as a parent. As a father, you never want to see your child in pain or hurt from a relationship. You […]

The Power That Changes The World [Book Review]

We are living in a day and age when it seems that everyone realizes that things must change. The question becomes how this can be done. My recent reading of Bill Johnson’s book The Power That Changes The World is an exploration in how the Body of Christ can participate in God’s divine work of bringing into order the creation which Christ […]

Working With Your Complement In Marriage

You’ve probably heard the phrase or read the book titled, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” While that’s not a literal truth, it does give indication that men and women come from two different perspectives and angles in approaching, thinking, speaking about things and performing functions and tasks. In marriage, this can at time […]

The Power of Your Words [Part 4]

This week we continue our exploration of the power of your words by looking at the power of your words on the mountain of business. The mountain of business is the place where transactions are made. It is the place where people “occupy until he comes (Luke 19:13).” As people occupy their place upon the mountain of […]

Have You Considered Finding Your Marriage Purpose?

I don’t know about you, but marriage is something that is important to me. My wife and I have gone through many struggles, highs and lows over the years, and we’ve seen the good and the bad. If you’re not married, it’s possible that your only thoughts about being married has been the bliss of […]

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