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Did You Know That World Sickle Cell Day Was June 19th?

On Sunday, June 19, 2016, the world celebrated Father’s Day. It’s one of those days that can often become either really hyped or completely overlooked, depending on who you talk to. In fact, last year it seemed as though there was a total hijacking of the holiday as many chose to celebrate single mothers instead […]

Why You Should Not Forget Fathers on Father’s Day

This coming Sunday is Father’s Day. For some of you, this may actually be a shocker; not because of you being busy with life, but in all sincerity there seems to be little fanfare over the occasion in comparison to the level of fanfare that is given to mothers leading up to Mother’s Day. Whether […]

A Father’s Perspective On The New Barbie

It’s hard to believe that the Mattel image of beauty has lasted for so many years in the ever changing culture in which we live. Yet that image has had staying power in the midst of the introduction of space exploration, the introduction of fast food chains, technological advances, and even a changing political and […]

What Daddy Never Told Me Started Something Big

  When I asked my guest David Veney to come onto my Blab show L.E.G.A.C.Y. The Blab last night to share his story and his book titled “What Daddy Never Told Me: 7 Conversation Every Parent Should Have With Their Child“, I knew we were going to have a thought provoking discussion on our hands. […]

What Daddy Never Told Me

I’ve really had a great time over the last several weeks as I’ve gotten more comfortable on the social media platform Blab. It has allowed me to talk to many people on a number of different topics from legacy to racism. On tomorrow night’s Blab segment, I have the distinct honor and privilege of interviewing David […]

Take Care of What You Value

Life is never dull when you start having children. I’ve learned that over the time that I’ve had mine in greater degree than when I simply interacted with those that belonged to other parents. One thing you begin to realize about children is that they need to be taught to value things and that things […]

Help Your Children Think Critically About What They Watch

Throughout your child’s life are a plethora of opportunities to engage them and help them to grow. One of those moments comes in the area of thinking critically. Just recently I happened to have a conversation with one of my three young ones. It all started over a a comment that my oldest made in regards […]

Father’s Day is an Opportunity to Learn By Example

Recently I decided to take another run through the book of Proverbs. As I was reading on one particular day I came across the fourth chapter in which Solomon points out the invaluable gift it was for him to have received great wisdom and understanding from the example set by his father David. It reminded […]

After Empire Season One

Millions of people have finally come down off of their high of watching Empire on Fox. As one of those viewers I have to admit that there were many intense moments and many takeaways that you could draw from having seen the show. Some people will focus on the spot light that the show has […]

One Week In

Today marks the completion of one full week into the year 2015. I don’t know how you have felt over the last few coming into this new year, but I have felt great anticipation for what this year will bring and what I have on the horizon. For myself, I’ve set the goal of once […]

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