It’s hard to imagine that any of the crops in Egypt could possibly have survived the first seven plagues. The eighth plague was one in which God would cause the people of Israel to see and tell their children of the power of God. In looking at this eighth plague, it will be a shift […]

Something to consider today as we continue to look at the prophetic word that Prophet Kim Clement made regarding 10 little wars or battles that would be faced by America and Israel as a result of a betrayal in the White House. In looking that the ten plagues of Egypt, scripture tells us that right […]

Today we are looking at the plague of boils, the sixth of the ten plagues of Egypt and its significance to the prophetic word that was spoken of by Prophet Kim Clement regarding 10 little battles that would be faced in light of a betrayal in the White House. The first thing that I noticed […]

Today we take a look at the fifth plague of Egypt and the significance that may be gleaned from its impact on that nation, as we also consider the implications it holds for us today in relationship to the prophetic word that was shared by Prophet Kim Clement. In as much as the fourth plague […]

In part three of this series we spoke of the gnat as the plague that impacted the people of Egypt, making the comparison to the prophetic word that has been spoken by Prophet Kim Clement who said he saw a series of 10 battles that the United States and Israel would face as a result […]

In this third part of looking into what the people’s call should be when prophets speak, I have considered the possible significance the third plague of Egypt might be in relationship to the prophetic word spoken by Prophet Kim Clement. In as much as he has said that he saw 10 small battles that would […]

When prophets speak, it is God‘s way of getting the attention of people. Often, this method of attention getting is designed to have a people come to the understanding that God is wanting the people to draw near to Him. When Moses and his brother Aaron went before the Pharaoh to deliver the word that […]

It appears that on March 25, 2010, the prophet Kim Clement spoke a word of a dream he had regarding the nation of Israel and the United States and a specific betrayal in the White House that would impact both nations and the sitting president of the US. At the time when Kim Clement gave […]

Something interesting was revealed in the most recent Grammy Awards night. On a night in which many things were celebrated, one thing may have slipped by if you weren’t paying attention to it. While many were paying attention to the many music entertainers perform and accept awards throughout the evening, what perhaps is the most […]

ATLANTA (AP) — Republican President Donald Trump’s pledge to scrap limits on church political activity could have sweeping effects that extend beyond his conservative supporters to more liberal congregations, including the black evangelical church that has long been a key component of the Democratic Party’s electoral machinery. Yet many prominent black religious leaders say they… via […]

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