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Time To Get Tough: Making America #1 Again

No one quite knows the originator of the statement, “If you want to hide something from Black folk, put it in a book,” but the apparent truth of it is glaringly true. It’s not just true of many African Americans but seemingly many others across the nation who were too busy either laughing at the […]

What Would it Take For Dr. Ben Carson To Be Seen As Presidential?

Today was the final Presidential Forum event hosted by Regent University. After hearing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, I was really interested to see what Dr. Ben Carson would have to share. It’s been some years since I’ve had the privilege to see him walk down the halls of the Johns Hopkins Medical Center where […]

What Happens When A Trump Begins To Sound?

There are times in your life when you just know that you are in the company of great men. Today was one of those days. As a student of a very respected Christian university, I am truly blessed and privileged to get to hear great men and women come and speak to the student body. […]

What Pain Are You Hiding Behind Your Mask?

There are often things in our lives that we face that are so great in their impact in our lives, that we’d rather hide them behind a mask. They are often the pains of life. Everyone has them. However, not everyone deals with them well. Whether is it the pain of someone who told you […]

Will You Plant Seeds That Will Produce a Spectacular 2016?

When farmers have completely harvested their crops for the given season, there is a process that they follow. Part of that process involves preparing the appropriate ground for the appropriate harvest. Often, the ground that is used for growing one season of crop is not necessarily the same ground that is used for growing another […]

Father’s Day is an Opportunity to Learn By Example

Recently I decided to take another run through the book of Proverbs. As I was reading on one particular day I came across the fourth chapter in which Solomon points out the invaluable gift it was for him to have received great wisdom and understanding from the example set by his father David. It reminded […]

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