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What Pain Are You Hiding Behind Your Mask?

There are often things in our lives that we face that are so great in their impact in our lives, that we’d rather hide them behind a mask. They are often the pains of life. Everyone has them. However, not everyone deals with them well. Whether is it the pain of someone who told you […]

Never Said a Mumbling Word

Many people all over the country have voiced their disdain at a man that for years once held in very high regards. Not since Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver has there been a man that has engendered such adoration within the fabric of this nation, that it’s so very tragic to see […]

Let There Be Peace on Earth

As so many people across the nation are putting the final touches on their plans for the Christmas and New Years holidays, much of what this season has meant to be has seemingly become slightly somber. This is partly due to the beatings that this nation has faced over the last few months. One being […]

Getting Rid of Toxins

I tend to watch people who tout the benefits of certain things to better our lives. I often hear physical fitness trainers and other health proponents spout off the litany of reasons for why you should make detoxificationa regular part of your health regimen, especially now as I am into that unique position of being […]

Living Proof

A Day Comes When You Are Not Afraid To Share Your Testimony!

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