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Where Did The Love Go?

Part of the rallying cry for many during the election season revolved around the slogan “Love Trumps Hate”. However, in the hours following both the election results and the subsequent inauguration of the now President Donald Trump, there has been little love shown by those who also clung to the former First Lady’s statement, “When […]

Called To Be A Servant Of All

There are two unique stories within the bible where Jesus has to deal with the subject of greatness. One takes place in Matthew chapter 18. He is approached by his disciples and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” Mark chapter 9 goes into further detail to emphasize the fact that the […]

What Happens When Christians Get Soft or Dull?

Several years ago, I was taken aback by the words of a pastor who said before his congregation that Christianity is not a chump man’s religion. It wasn’t because I ever believed that it was, but because I had not until that time ever heard anyone lend voice to that notion. You have to believe […]

It Permeates Every Part

Recently I was reading about how Jesus described the Kingdom. In Matthew 13:33 (HCSB) Jesus says that the Kingdom is like leaven or yeast that a woman might take and puts into 50 pounds of flour. He says that this yeast spreads throughout all of the flour. That image always amazes me; especially now. As […]

A New Hope

Tomorrow is Christmas and in a week millions all over the world will be ringing in the new year either with great anticipation or great trepidation.  I personally am looking to the new year with a great amount of hope. Hope for what the year holds as I am seeing so many dreams begin to unfold […]

The Gift of Community

In a day and age in which we live it can become all too easy to overlook the impact, meaning and value of something so simple as the community in which we live. Some of us live in the same community all our life, while others are constantly in a mode of moving from one […]

Twelve Twelve Twelve

Today’s the day. It is the last date this century to have consecutive numbers for the month, day and year. More than likely, many of us will not have the luxury of being around to see this feat repeat. It Has been one of many days people have actually been waiting and even planning for. […]

Find Yourself in The Black this Friday

While there is much debate over the origin of the actual first Black Friday, the tradition is decades old. A time when businesses would find out whether or not they would have a profitable year; i.e. they’d either be in the red or in the black. Yet, whether or not businesses are in the black […]

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