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What Happens When Christians Get Soft or Dull?

Several years ago, I was taken aback by the words of a pastor who said before his congregation that Christianity is not a chump man’s religion. It wasn’t because I ever believed that it was, but because I had not until that time ever heard anyone lend voice to that notion. You have to believe […]

What If The Mail Wasn’t Meant For You?

Have you ever been the recipient of mail that was not addressed to you? I know I have. Even during this past holiday season, I found mail that wasn’t even addressed to me in my mailbox. It was actually for someone who had been the previous resident. I’ve even had some mail come that was […]

Realizing Obama and Trump are Like Apples and Oranges

This year has seen some amazing things take place politically. Many have made various commentaries regarding the current Obama Administration and the dramatic difference it seems to be from the approaching Trump Administration. Many liberal reporters and politicians have voiced their disdain over their assessment that Trump is “unpresidential” or “unfit” to be Commander in […]

What Do Builders, Boomers, Busters, and Bridgers Think?

Have you ever heard the terms builders, boomers, busters and bridgers? If not, you probably aren’t alone. Suffice it to say, these are the terms used to describe four distinct generations of people that currently make up the adult population in America. Builders are the generation that was born approximately between 1922 and 1942. The […]

Act Like a Success Think Like a Success – A Review

I decided to check out Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Success Think Like a Success after hearing so many people talk about how impactful it was in changing their perspective on so many things. It’s actually a follow-up book to his Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man book which was geared towards […]

Answering A Call to Pray for Repentance in the Family

I am so amazed by the heart of everyone who have recognized that now is a time or strategic prayer. Many who have elected to join me during the month of October in prayer have become a source of encouragement to me. It truly is refreshing to know that I am not alone in recognizing […]

When You See A Shift Coming

Earlier this year, social media saw a shift when two new forms of engagement were introduced. Periscope and Blab are shifting how people are choosing to interact with one another for personal and business needs. Getting in on this shift for me has been exciting, but it has also proven challenging as I acclimate myself […]

How Do You Know If You Matter To You?

There is a scripture that speaks to the idea that we are to love one another in the same manner and degree that we love ourselves. The question that comes to mind for me is how do we know that we love ourselves? When we say that we love ourselves, some might say that this […]

A Day to Truly Be Social With Purpose

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of attending a local Sickle Cell Association Family Fun Day Event. It’s perhaps something that I’ve not been able to do in quite a significant amount of time due to many mitigating circumstances.  It is in all sincerity something that I’m passionate about. I have often […]

A Conversation Piece Can Get Your Foot In The Door

A couple of months ago the CBS Evening News reporter Steve Hartman did a docuseries report titled “On The Road“. One of the stories covered was a human interest story about a man named Michael Swain, who was and is making an investment in his community by simply volunteering his services to repair torn and […]

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