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Everyone Faces Their Own Form of Temptation

Recently I was driving my son to school and I was listening to a radio broadcast on a Christian radio station. I’ve listened to my share of pastors who speak on a wide array of topics, whether it is in traditional sermon or talk radio format. I believe that the one I happened to be […]

What Direction is Your Relation Ship Going

A popular musical group that has taken the world by leaps and bounds is a group that has become known as the Beatles of this generation, One Direction. What has often amazed me about this group, or any group for that matter in music are those that have such diverse personalities. It always amazes me […]

It Permeates Every Part

Recently I was reading about how Jesus described the Kingdom. In Matthew 13:33 (HCSB) Jesus says that the Kingdom is like leaven or yeast that a woman might take and puts into 50 pounds of flour. He says that this yeast spreads throughout all of the flour. That image always amazes me; especially now. As […]

Apostles Prophets and the Coming Moves of God

It’s very seldom that I say that a book I’ve read literally spoke to where I have found myself in my spiritual walk, however this is what occurred as I recently completed my reading Dr. Bill Hamon’s book Apostles Prophets and the Coming Moves of God. While this is not a new book, it was new to me and a very present and timely read. […]

Never Said a Mumbling Word

Many people all over the country have voiced their disdain at a man that for years once held in very high regards. Not since Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver has there been a man that has engendered such adoration within the fabric of this nation, that it’s so very tragic to see […]

A New Hope

Tomorrow is Christmas and in a week millions all over the world will be ringing in the new year either with great anticipation or great trepidation.  I personally am looking to the new year with a great amount of hope. Hope for what the year holds as I am seeing so many dreams begin to unfold […]

Will His Lambs Remain Silent?

Over two thousand years ago a man walked the earth having imparted three and a half years of intense teaching and authority to twelve men. While these twelve were not the only ones in whom Jesus dealt with, they were the core of the people he purposefully left to carry the torch of a Kingdom movement […]

The Gift of Community

In a day and age in which we live it can become all too easy to overlook the impact, meaning and value of something so simple as the community in which we live. Some of us live in the same community all our life, while others are constantly in a mode of moving from one […]

Home Away From Home

Recently my wife and I have been visiting other churches. It’s not because we were dissatisfied with our home church and looking for a new place to worship, it was because we wanted to visit a place where friends of our attend. It’s not the first time we’ve done this. We like visiting other places […]

Get Discipled, Not Frozen

By now, there is probably no one who hasn’t heard of or seen the Disney movie Frozen. As I’ve watched this movie a number of times with my children, I could not help but notice that there was one thing that stuck out at me regarding the main character Elsa. Apart from all of us […]


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