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The Masks We Often Wear

I was watching the news recently when I saw the report that famed singer and former Disney star Demi Lovato had overdosed on drugs and nearly died. Sadly, a report like this is not an uncommon thing to hear in relationship to those who are connected to Hollywood. To be honest, you hear about it all […]

A Message to Cheerleaders of the World

Something that I am a firm believer of is that the world needs cheerleaders. I actually can’t imagine what life would be like without them. This is not to say that I idolize them in any sense of the word. I honestly appreciate them and what they “bring to the table”. While I may not […]

21 Ways to Forgive: Plus Nine Reasons We Must Forgive [Book Review]

I have heard many people teach, preach, and give advice on why people need to forgive. I’ve heard people both in the psychology community, faith community, and many of the come on television to share their best reasons why forgiveness is a life changing thing for those who are willing to forgive. However, I have never seen […]

Faith is the Key, Love is the Answer

Yesterday, someone asked the question, “How is it that we have 1300 churches in the inner city and lead the nation in murders?” Honestly, this is not the first time I’ve heard this question raised, although the city in which it speaks of has changed over the years that I’ve heard it. It is also […]

Help Your Children Think Critically About What They Watch

Throughout your child’s life are a plethora of opportunities to engage them and help them to grow. One of those moments comes in the area of thinking critically. Just recently I happened to have a conversation with one of my three young ones. It all started over a a comment that my oldest made in regards […]

Viewing Your Marriage Through Fresh Eyes

Earlier this year my wife did me one of the greatest favors that you could ever do. She scheduled me for a series of doctors visits. It’s not because I’m one of those guys who refuse to go, or frequently forget; it’s simply that being out of work for nearly three made the thought of […]

Fighting In Marriage

Let’s face it. Fighting in marriage happens. It’s virtually impossible to avoid. You have two people from separate upbringings, trying to mesh with each other and come to a commonality that is acceptable to both. It is because you are both so close, that often these are the fights that are more heated than any […]

Battle of the Bulge

Just this past week the American Medical Association deemed that obesity is a disease. This most recent declaration has not gone over without massive controversy and debate. People from both sides of the issue are boiling because of what it could mean, not just for people who are dealing with obesity, but for those who […]

Why Did He Break Up With Me

Everywhere you turn today, it seems as though people all over are either getting into or out of a relationship of one kind or another for a myriad of reasons. There are probably as many books on the subject of relationships as there are definitions people have come up with for them. Why Did He […]

When Life Scripted Gets Real

I’m not ashamed to say that I actually have spent quite a number of hours watching “Reality Television.” While I am not as versed with programs that date back to the MTV era like Real World, or present day shows like Mob Wives, because these are shows that have not interested me, there are other […]

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