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What If Trump Was Right?

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president he launched out with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” To many in America, this seemed a slap in the face as they assumed that America was currently in a state of greatness. The assumption that a brash man who seemed to offend so many couldn’t […]

What Could You Do If You Saw Prayer As A Weapon?

This past Monday, CBN and Regent University began a week-long event called A Week of Prayer. It is intended to ignite the fire within the students, faculty and staff of Regent University, as well as those who work for and support the mission of CBN. Each day of this week, a different person has been […]

The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future – A Review

It’s been quite some time that I’ve felt so compelled to read a book simply on the basis of how much talk has been generated over it. However, when I decided to dive into the pages of Jonathan Cahn’s book The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future, that’s exactly what […]

Why the Mountain of Media is So Important

Today concludes the prayer focus on the seven mountains of cultural influence. It’s an amazing thing to realize that these seven areas have so much power and strength to shape and direct hearts and thoughts for good or evil. It is also why it is so important to know where you personally have been called. […]

Is Faith Really Meant To Be Trendy?

The other day I was reading an article featuring an interview of Mayim Bialik. She’s an actress that many may remember from the ’90’s show Blossom, she did as a teen. Other people may know her for her latest role in the long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory. In the article, she recounts her experiences […]

Elijah: A Man of Heroism and Humility

Although this book is not a new one, it was new for me. I have been familiar with many of the teachings of Dr. Charles R, Swindoll, but this was my first voyage into the literary pages of this theologian. As his fifth book in the Great Lives Series, I found myself particularly drawn to […]

What Direction is Your Relation Ship Going

A popular musical group that has taken the world by leaps and bounds is a group that has become known as the Beatles of this generation, One Direction. What has often amazed me about this group, or any group for that matter in music are those that have such diverse personalities. It always amazes me […]

The Cross Comes With a Cost

In our walk as disciples, we often like to think that the road will always be a bed of ease. Yet, Jesus never promised us that our walk would be easy. In fact, everywhere you turn, Jesus reminded his disciples of just exactly how hard it would be to follow him. Salvation is free, but […]

The Difference Between Being Angry and Being Mad 

How often do you hear someone saying in a conversation, “that makes me so mad”? Have you heard someone say, “I’m so mad I could just….”? There are times when things happen around me and I am often disappointed or upset and someone will come up to me and ask me, “Doesn’t that just make […]

When You’re Facing the Giant Called EGO

Everyone remembers the story of a teenaged boy named David, who faced a giant of a man named Goliath. He defeated him with a single smooth stone. Everyone knows how that single event set in motion a course of events that eventually led him from a lowly shepherd boy all the way to the palace […]

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