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Getting Plugged In While Remaining Unplugged

In life, there are so many things that are vying for our time and attention. We have families, careers, entertainment, church, and technology by which a host of many forms of socializing takes place. It can become quite easy for our lives to become out of sync. It’s so funny that even as I was […]

The Word Center

Centered on The Word, Holy Scripture, poetry, writing, Bible people, Bible prayers, Bible reviews

Zetta's Desk

The electronic desk of author/editor/publisher Zetta Brown

A FUSE Movement

"F.U.S.E. is more than a magazine! It's a movement!"

Ready Writer's Manna from on High

My tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer Ps. 45:1

Leadership Residue Inspirations

Inspiration That Remains.


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