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Is The Church Meant To Be Progressive or Progressing?

Over the last few years, the word progressive has been tossed around by many. There are the political who consider themselves either the progressive left or the progressive right. There are those who deem themselves to be social progressives, environmental or judicial progressives. There are even some who dare to call themselves spiritually progressive. However, when it […]

Facing Your Giants

I was reminded this week that there are time in our lives that we will face things that appear insurmountable and impossible to overcome. The giants in our lives have the potential and the ability to distract us from our goals, discourage our hearts, and derail our progress.   In scripture, Moses directed twelve men […]

Repetitive Notions

There are many situations in which I have to do things over and over again. I find great comfort in many things that I do I can count on to be repetitive in nature because it means that I don’t have to struggle too hard to get them done. It makes life simple and easy. […]

Living Proof

A Day Comes When You Are Not Afraid To Share Your Testimony!

Get A Life

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