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Is the Church Ready to Be the Church – [Part 3]

I find that I have been asking myself this one question quite frequently lately. Why this question? Simply because there are so many Christians who have been expecting a great harvest (and we should). There can be no doubt that the stage is being set daily and the world is being primed for a great […]

Is the Church Ready to Be the Church? [Part 2]

Ask yourself the question: “Is the Church ready to be the Church?” In the last post, I raised this question because of an apparent position that many in the body of Christ seem to have taken in response to government issued directives that not only contradict constitutional rights, but also biblical mandates. Is this the […]

Is the Church Ready to Be the Church? [Part 1]

When this year began, I shared some thoughts regarding what I believe this year and this decade signified. I stated how I believed it to be a year for God’s people to become “voice activated”, as this decade, from a Hebraic perspective represents the mouth, that which is spoken, declared, decreed, uttered, or heralded. I […]

God Gave a Strategy for Fighting Your Hidden Enemy

Have you been listening to the President of the United States lately? If you have, you’re probably aware of much of the language that he’s been using when speaking during press briefings about how they are dealing with this plague upon our nation. You’ll probably have heard him use the term “hidden enemy”. He doesn’t […]

A View of the President in the Age of Distinction – [Part 4]

This my fourth in the series on a view of the president in the age of distinction. In this installment, I want to take a turn from speaking mainly about the president to speaking about things that the Church in America need to focus on in light of what President Trump has meant in the […]

A View of the President in the Age of Distinction – [Part 3]

This the third installment in my series on the President in the Age of Distinction. In previous posts, I’ve covered many of the differing views of people, mainly Christians as it relates to the president and whether he’s believed to be a present-day type of David or even an instrument of God in this nation. […]

A View of the President in the Age of Distinction – [Part 2]

In my last post, I shared a few thoughts on how there have been varying views of the President of the United States in this age of distinction. In this post, I want to continue looking at this age of distinction while acknowledging opposing views that have seemingly placed Christians in the position of having […]

A View of the President in the Age of Distinction – [Part 1]

There is no doubt that the current President of the United States of America conjures up an assorted array of opinions and thoughts in the minds of people worldwide. No matter who you talk to, the views are so varied that even among many in the body of Christ cannot agree on how the Church […]

The King Dream Cries for New Voices for a New Day

It is probably no stretch to say that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the most prolific voices for social justice that our nation has even known in the modern era. His voice rung out loud during a time when many had gone silent. The nation had not been that many years removed […]

Welcome to Your Triumphant Entry into the Soaring 20’s

Now that you have found your way into this brand-new year and brand-new decade, let me congratulate you on your triumphant entry. No matter what you may have thought about the last year and decade, if you are alive today, you should count yourself as a victor and not a victim. Whatever tests, trials, obstacles […]

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