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The Storm is Upon You, but Will You Get Out of the Boat

I spent a number of posts recently discussing where I believe God is leading in this season and in this decade. I have tried with everything that is in me to convey that this is the season for building and a season of preparation for those who feel the call and leading of God to […]

The Preparation for Building – [Part 3] A New Builder Generation Being Born

It’s is interesting to note that I have been sharing this year about this being the season and time for building. As I write this, I am even recalling a conversation I was having with one of God’s anointed prophets for this day. As we were talking, God began to allow me to share some […]

The Preparation for Building – [Part 2]

In my last post, I shared about how I believe God is preparing a people counting the cost of building. After you’ve counted the cost, you must also consider the ground where you intend to do your building. You’re not always guaranteed that the place where you intend to build will be a place where […]

The Preparation for Building – [Part 1]

From the conclusion of 2019 until now, God has been emphasizing to me of the significance of this year and the decade that we’ve entered into. As part of what He has shared with me, we’ve entered a season in which many are being called to the process of building. Some people are called to […]

On the Fence or On the Wall

It’s been said many times that “salvation is free but discipleship costs”. The funny thing is that so many people live as though this isn’t the case. You can just look around at the way many people choose to live and it’s almost as though people have a sense that a Christian walk is completely […]

An Acceleration is Coming

I began this year highlighting some things that I believed that God was going to bring forth in this year and this new decade that we have entered into. I mentioned in particular that this would be a year and a decade in which God would empower and emphasize the importance of apostles, prophets, pioneers, […]

The Shifting Winds

Over the last few weeks, many people have been anticipating Pentecost. As we transitioned from Passover and Resurrection Day, there has been an eager awaiting of what Pentecost would reveal. So many people saw the significance of Passover, as all over the world, we all literally had to seal ourselves in our homes and wait, […]

Is the Church Ready to Be the Church – [Part 3]

I find that I have been asking myself this one question quite frequently lately. Why this question? Simply because there are so many Christians who have been expecting a great harvest (and we should). There can be no doubt that the stage is being set daily and the world is being primed for a great […]

Is the Church Ready to Be the Church? [Part 2]

Ask yourself the question: “Is the Church ready to be the Church?” In the last post, I raised this question because of an apparent position that many in the body of Christ seem to have taken in response to government issued directives that not only contradict constitutional rights, but also biblical mandates. Is this the […]

Is the Church Ready to Be the Church? [Part 1]

When this year began, I shared some thoughts regarding what I believe this year and this decade signified. I stated how I believed it to be a year for God’s people to become “voice activated”, as this decade, from a Hebraic perspective represents the mouth, that which is spoken, declared, decreed, uttered, or heralded. I […]

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