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The Counterfeit Christian

A word that immediately comes to mind after reading The Counterfeit Christian by Luis Lopez is “Authentic.” Everyone is in always in search of how they can become more authentic. This book by Luis Lopez will give insight into what hinders Christians from their authentic self. In these last days, we cannot afford to give […]

It Was For Your Good

    I’ve never been one of those get out into the wild kind of people. You know the type that goes out as though they really were meant to live the life that Rambo lived. As far as I’m concerned, that is best left for the ones who train to do that kind of thing […]

It Comes With The Territory

People every day say things like, “I wish I were running this,” or “I wish I were in charge of that.” They say things like, “I wish this were my position,” or “If it had been me, I would have done it this way.” In many cases, it’s a matter of “the-grass-is-greener” syndrome. The problem […]

On Target

No matter where you are or where you go, people have an opinion about weapons; guns especially. I think that from my early childhood I’ve had a profound respect for them and those that are skilled in their use. I’ve never actually owned, possessed or used a weapon of any kind, with the exception of […]

Options and Opportunities

  If there is one thing that I am a firm believer in, it’s that there is value in education. No matter what it is that your education is in, it’s guaranteed to provide you with things that without them you’d never had. Where I probably differ from many people is in the thought that […]

Up A Little Higher

Ok, so you’re halfway through the first month of this year and you’re wondering to yourself already, “Where has the time gone so quickly?” It’s not uncommon, but you really want things to be different from all the previous years in your life. It’s not too late. While many people have already gone in reverse […]

It’s All In How You Rise

“Early to be, early to rise, makes one happy, wealthy and wise.” We’ve all heard these words from as early as in our youth. As much as you might be put off by the notion of waking up early, there is no mistaking how beneficial having a good start to your day can be for […]

Training For Reigning

This year has been viewed by many as a year for kings and queens. Because this is the year 2012, and the number 12 represents government and order, many are seeing the possibilities of getting their affairs in order and have visions of ruling their domain. That is a noble task. We’ve all been created […]

One More Day

Many People are getting focused on many things, from their New Year’s resolutions to the upcoming presidential election, or may be spring break or summer vacation. With so many things in the economy still looming and hanging over peoples head (including tax season,) few have even given thought to the fact that this is a […]

Who’s Going With You?

As this year is now underway, my mind thinks about the excitement that is built up from the promise of beginning with a fresh start. For me, it’s much like a new adventure. Where will the year take you next in this life journey we’re in?   For me, I suppose the adventure and journey […]

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