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Find Yourself in The Black this Friday

While there is much debate over the origin of the actual first Black Friday, the tradition is decades old. A time when businesses would find out whether or not they would have a profitable year; i.e. they’d either be in the red or in the black. Yet, whether or not businesses are in the black […]

Conquer Atlanta 2012 Conference

I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Conquer Atlanta conference this week. It was held at the Georgia International Convention Center. The main focus for the conference was for the sole purpose of merging marketplace and ministry. The host Robert Watkins and Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes kicked off the event on Thursday night to […]

Back On Track

It’s not uncommon to find yourself off track when it comes to plans you make. I’ve had my share of derailments in recent weeks with things that I’m working on. Whether its school, home, or something else that I’ve set as part of my plan to establish a legacy for myself and family, I can still get off track […]

When You Begin With The Spirit

I was reminded recently about the difference between how things in Western Civilizations differ from the return of the world. In much of modern medicine, the process for caring for the sick is based primarily on keeping the physical form active. The last measures ever taken is a means of reviving the spirit when all […]

Do You Have An Ear To Hear What Is Being Said?

One of the most disconcerting things to me is to find myself in a place where I feel as though I’m not hearing from God. Many people are of the opinion that God has said everything He is going to say, since the bible we have today is what we base our faith on. The […]

After All Has Been Said and Done

Now that the results are in and the speeches have been made, the parties have died down, how do you feel? Are you feeling confident and vindicated, or are you having feelings of defeat and and remorse? Whatever you’re thinking, regardless of how you’re feeling, the fact remains that the next four years will be […]

The Crash That Altered My Life

I’ve been blessed to meet and know many people over my life. One person in particular is Chere Cofield, author of The Crash That Altered My Life. This book is very telling, extremely transparent, and completely informative. What you’ll discover as you read this book is how transforming and life changing a single crash can […]

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