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Let The Games Begin

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games get under way  in London, it would seem as though the hype leading up to it has been partially over shadowed by other news here in the United States. No, I’m not referring to the horrifying incident created by James Holmes when he killed 12 and injured 58 people […]

Marketplace Ministry

My mind has been reflecting lately on some of my experiences that I’ve had over the years prior to moving south. Even before It was being taught or even before I had heard of the concept of marketplace ministry I was actually living it out. I kind of marvel at the way God can move […]

An Apple for the Road

In An Apple for the Road, Pam Spinosi compiles stories from the lives of several leaders from Bethel Church. What is so fascinating about this book is that each story stands alone, yet in it’s set up through three core themes, they actually build to a crescendo of life experiences that you can relate to or aspire […]

Study to Live

People tend to study for many reasons. Some study for grades, some for their jobs, some even to win money. It is so amazing all the reasons why people choose to study. From a ministry perspective, you will find that many who preach or teach, like everyone else study for numerous reasons. Often the reasons are a […]

Connecting the Dots

As a kid I would spend hours with coloring, puzzle, and connect the dot books. I particularly like the connect the dotsbecause you could more or less see the picture that you were trying to form. However, the more complicated connect the dot pictures often did not have numbers to let you know the order […]

Come As You Are

Tell me if you’ve seen this happen before. You’re in church and a drunk or homeless person walks in, sits down, and not long after, if they made it that far is escorted out. Or maybe you’ve seen someone whose wardrobe is somewhat questionable and they are asked to leave change into something more appropriate. Whatever […]

Another Look At Outrageous Faith

When I was first married, things began to happen very quickly for me and my family. From the wedding to birth of our daughter. I knew that God was moving And shifting things around in my life. I knew also that there were specifically certain things that He had promised to me. I could see […]

Outrageous Faith

Has God ever challenged your faith to the point that you laughed at Him? Throughout the bible there are countless examples of people that God challenged their faith to believe what appeared impossible. Abraham was told in his old agethat he’d be the father of countless numbers of people, before he even had one. It […]

Consumed to Produce

I often tell people that one of God‘s original intentions was for us to be producers as opposed to being consumers. If you read the first two chapter of Genesis it clearly points this out. With the fall of Adam in the Garden, we changed in our thinking and took to becoming consumers. What you […]

X-Factor: You’re in God’s Economy

As children, we look at the world so differently from the way we do as we mature. Everything is so simple and uncluttered by the complications that we as adults tend to create. Yet as children, we often don’t see our place in God‘s grand economy. The story is almost no different when you get […]

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