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Verge 2013 Preview

For those of you who don’t know me, may not realize that I have been in church my entire life. I have been a minister of the gospel for probably much longer than I’ve actually been licensed to do so. In all my years of ministering, there are few conferences that I can truly say […]

Following A Trail

You’ve probably seen the recent release of the movie Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter. If you’re like me, you’re probably staying away, preferring to remember your favorite childhood fables as they were told to you in your youth, not wanting to tarnish the image with someone’s farfetched and potentially outlandish interpretation of it through “creative […]

Two Reasons You Cannot Follow Me On Twitter

I may still be able to consider myself a young and in the know kind of guy when it comes to social media, but I am often not what marketers would consider as an early adopter. I’m probably not even what they would call the early majority. I’m probably what you might consider the late […]

Who’s Following You?

Over the last several posts that I’ve done, I have talked quite a bit about leadership from the follower’s perspective. During this time, a thought occurred to me. In the process of following whomever you’re following, it is possible that you too can be followed. Have you ever wondered who’s following you? This thought was […]

When There’s No One To Follow

I’ve been a follower all my life. Now, that’s not to say that I’ve never known leadership. It just means that even while I’ve been leading, I was following. I have had to follow people as a musician, a family member, an employee, and even in ministry. As a follower, I have the privilege to […]

So You Call Yourself A Follower?

All my life, I’ve heard people all over say at one time or another how easy they think it is to simply follow. What many of them really mean is that they are tired of following and they think that they can lead better than the person that they have been following. They truly have […]

Through The Eyes Of A Follower

Recently I was awaken by a dream that was truly inspiring to me. As I pondered my dream, it caused me to reflect on my life and many of the things that I have learned in and throughout it. One of the things that it has done for me is to inspire me to take […]

A Church In Transition

I suppose that by now everyone is waking up to the news that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to step down due to his health. According to reports, the 85 year old Pontiff becomes the first to step down since the middle age. It doesn’t take a prophet to see that this poses some grand […]

8 Lessons Learned Watching Super Bowl 47

The big game is finally over, the commercials have all played to both shock and awe of millions, the trophy is now in the hands of the champions who will head back to their home and receive a grand ticker tape parade and the adoration of many fans. The MVP Joe Flacco has much leverage […]

Super Sow Sunday

This Sunday while millions of sports fans are watching the biggest game in America, there will be a not so known event taking place that has the potential to be quite a difference maker for those who have the desire to develop their green thumbs. It’s called Super Sow Sunday. Getting it’s start about three […]

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