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Beholding the Signs

One of the things that can be quite disconcerting for me is to listen to people who will often, and without question read too much into things when disasters occur. I automatically think about Job and his friends. Job had been very prosperous in his life. He had a large family, a vast wealth, and […]

Leadership Happens At Every Level

I may not have personally led a people from every level, but I have had the privilege of seeing leadership from every level. I know what it’s like to be the low man on the totem pole, at the bottom rung of the ladder, and I’ve also known what it’s like to leadfrom certain levels […]

Two Reasons You Should Not Ignore Election 2012

I have always taken my voting rights and privileges seriously from the very year I became legally eligible to participate in the process. I am probably one of few my age who can actually say that paying attention to politics has been something I’ve done since the Carter Administration. While I personally have no aspirations […]

What Happens at a New Elevation

I was thinking recently about my times growing up. I’ve actually had a wonderful life both as a child and am having as an adult, despite many conflicts and trials that were presented before me. Living with Sickle Cell Anemia has allowed me to observe life in ways that I probably would not have fathomed […]

Time Shifted

I was reading a story yesterday about the impact that time shifting is having on broadcast television. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term of time shifting, simply put, it’s the means by which viewer record their favorite television programming for later so they can watch or do something else at […]

Raising A Modern Frontier Boy

In John Grooter’s book Raising a Modern Frontier Boy, he gives the reader a glimpse inside his life during a pivotal period in the transformation of his son. While part of the story deals with John giving you a look into much of what went on in the making and the directing of the movie […]

How to Redefine an Open Relationship

It has always amazed me to see and hear people talk about how they have chosen to get into an “open relationship.” The idea for many is that, since I’ve had little or no success with finding someone who will be faithful, give them freedom to do what they apparently will do anyway and it […]

Flip The Switch

Changing directions can sometimes appear to be quite difficult. Especially when you’ve gotten into the mode of doing something a particular way and doing it for a long time. There’s a saying that, “as long as you are alive you’ll have to deal with change.” Yet, for many, it’s still can be disconcerting to know […]

Flip The Script

Have you ever watched a movie that had you pulled into the story? It was so compelling, gripping, and captivating that you couldn’t help but get caught up in the action. The only problem though was that as you got right up to the end, you became devastated by a tragicending. So often, it seems that life […]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

In the discourse of teaching the disciples the manner in which they should pray, Jesus comes to a point and says that they should say to God the Father, “give us this day our daily bread.” In one respect, breadis a representation of provision. That word provision gives a very powerful image of the relationship […]

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