It is probably no stretch to say that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the most prolific voices for social justice that our nation has even known in the modern era. His voice rung out loud during a time when many had gone silent. The nation had not been that many years removed […]

As we are now in a new year one of the things that is becoming abundantly clear is that this year will not and must not be like the years that have preceded it. It is apparent that many in ministry and especially the prophetic community have zeroed in on the obvious significance of the […]

Now that you have found your way into this brand-new year and brand-new decade, let me congratulate you on your triumphant entry. No matter what you may have thought about the last year and decade, if you are alive today, you should count yourself as a victor and not a victim. Whatever tests, trials, obstacles […]

If you’re like me, you probably love the year in review shows that air on television right around this time. With this being the end of a decade, you’re more than likely going to see quite a bit of decade in reviews happening. As this is probably going to be my last post of the […]

The year 2020 is quickly approaching and many things are probably already monopolizing your attention for what is coming. As the new year presents both the ending of a thing and the beginning of a thing, it speaks to the gravity of what is to come. However, as we are a people whom God has […]

For many people, this has been a whirlwind of a year. Throughout 2019, I shared how it was going to be a year in which many would experience the birthing of the new: a new wine, new oil, new assignments and more. I also mentioned that it would be a year that we’d begin to […]

We’ve been inundated by reports of late about people like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and others all sharing personal testimonies of God’s impact and influence in their lives. When looking at the Mountain of Arts and Entertainment, it can become quite easy for us to slip into a seat of judgment because so […]

All this week, many across the body of Christ have been deeply impacted by the reports of a response made by John MacArthur at the “Truth Matters Conference”. When asked to respond to the name Beth Moore, his initial comment was simply “Go home!” His comment did not end with that. As was shared by […]

In this present-day in culture, we have all kinds of zones. There are minimum speed zones, kid’s safety zones, smoke-free zones, gun-free zones, and even cell phone-free zones. To a large extent, many of these type zones make a great deal of sense. Around schools, you want children to be safe and free from anything […]

We are entering the final stretch of the year 2019. Much has taken place and many people have been expecting much to occur. As I have been sharing throughout this year, it has been a time of great expectation. Many looked with expectancy of a harvest. Many expected the new thing, the releasing of a […]

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