Over the last couple weeks, we have been looking at the power of your eyes. On this week we are going to look at the power of your eyes when you operate on the mountain of education. There is probably no more immediate impact that a person can have on the life of a young child, apart from the parent, than […]

One of the things that I found to be fascinating about my preaching class that I took last semester was this notion that many preachers seldom preach certain aspects of the gospel. There are many preachers who only want to present a gospel that is feel good, inspiring, or exciting. At some level, this leaves many […]

Last week I began a series looking at the power of your eyes. I began the series looking at the power of our eyes to behold Jesus and how we can have influence on the mountain of faith as a result of beholding who Jesus is. This week, let’s look at the power of our […]

I really fought the urge to do a typical MLK Day blog for today. When the hype over last week’s Golden Globes Speech made by Oprah Winfrey put all of the wold in a tizzy, and then CNN made it’s post that Oprah was seriously considering a presidential bid, it got me thinking. By the […]

There are times when a preacher can find the task of crafting a sermon as inspiring as daring to write a book. With so many passages of scripture from which to pull a text from, you would think that it would be simple as one, two, three. However, preachers can be inspired in one moment and hit […]

Have you ever heard someone say I’m just dying to be married? Maybe that person is you. The trouble with that saying is that it sets a mindset that is desperate enough to either do anything to be married or accept anything just to say that you’re married. How often have you been asked by someone in your family, a close friend […]

Last year I wrote a series of blogs dealing with the power of your words, as they pertain to bringing healing to the seven mountains of cultural influence. In it I revealed how the power of your words can have an impact on shaping and changing things positively as you ascend whatever mountain God has […]

As a ministry student, I have the pleasure of reading a wide array of books that are designed to sharpen the skills of preachers. I know that when I first began ministry, I definitely could have used some sharpening to hone my speaking abilities. Despite having been a business major in high school and in undergrad, as well as […]

There can be no doubt that if you’re reading this, you are among the 7 billion plus people who successfully crossed over into the new year. For that I am grateful and look forward to this new year with great anticipation that you will accomplish great and wonderful things. I know that many people approach the new […]

This is a year for making a difference and seeing an impact on the world in which you live. If you call yourself a Christian, how do you see that taking place? Are you dedicating your life to living out a new year’s resolution, setting new priorities and goals? Are you committing to connecting to more […]

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