When You Begin With The Spirit

I was reminded recently about the difference between how things in Western Civilizations differ from the return of the world. In much of modern medicine, the process for caring for the sick is based primarily on keeping the physical form active. The last measures ever taken is a means of reviving the spirit when all else has failed. We think people of Africa and other Eastern cultures mad in how they handle matters of health and healing, because the process whereby they begin the process focuses on the spirit, and then the body.


Flames (Photo credit: p.Gordon)

It is so amazing to me that as advanced as we presume ourselves to have become, that we turn up our noses at the notion that healing and other things should begin from a physical process. Yet, if we deny the reality of things such as God, angels, spirits and other such things that are more real than what we see, what else should we expect? There are many documented reports surrounding people who live longer and better because of their faith; studies show that many who meditate or pray heal and recover faster than those that do not.

What might it look like if we all agreed and believed that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than the accept assumption that we are human beings which choose to have or not have a spiritual experience? What might it look like if we all did as Christ instructed his disciples, “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”? Imagine what “all other things” he spoke of would become a reality to us simply because we began with the spirit.

God says many times that if you keep first things first, all other things fall into proper alignment. What in your life has you found to be out of alignment that could easily be rectified by putting things in their proper order? When things are properly arranged and in order, things work as they were designed. As I said before, if we believe first that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, than many of the issues that we face in the natural are then no longer a barrier to the life that God designed for us to experience. We begin to see life through Kingdom eyes and walk as Kingdom people having Kingdom influence and bringing the Kingdom as it is in heaven to earth.

The year 2012 is supposed to be all about order and government. However, many neglected the order of God in this season. If we learn to get with the order that God has said we should have, we’ll begin to see a whole new shift take place in the direction of our own lives and even around the world in which we live.


QUESTION: What ways can you commit to begin with the spirit?

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