It’s Not an End Game

So often the dreams and visions we have for ourselves don’t come in the way we first imagine that it would or should happen. This can be quite devastating for us when we begin to see what we feel and believe is our perfect end. We get so close to the realization of it and can literally taste the sweetness the victory. Not getting to that end result can sometimes paralyze us from looking beyond that moment when the reality sets in that things did not happen the way we thought it should have happened.

Yet, often success and achievement is not accomplished in the first attempt. What is even more amazing is that many times the success that we are often hard pressed to actualize often pales in comparison to the fullness of the true measure of the blessing that God Himself desires and has strategically orchestrated for us.

So often the things we see as the end game using fact just a step in the process of something great that God is wanting to accomplish in and through us. We are being both prepared and equipped to handle it. Even greater than that is the reality that God is arranging things so that we no man can possibly take credit for getting you to the place He has planned for us. Take heart that not having gotten to what you thought was your promise is an end game for you. In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

To get beyond the momentary shake up of your let down:

  • Find the Lesson: Often there are lessons to be learned in the process of our setbacks. We must have the fortitude to step back and reassess what has actually occurred, see if there was something that could have been done differently and make the necessary adjustments. If we have done things as we should, often the is not in what went wrong, but realizing that perhaps God is keeping us from walking into the lesser glory and saving us for the greater glory.
  • Find the Positive: There is always something positive to be gained in every situation if you are willing to look for it. Finding that positive thing isn’t always obvious, but it is there. The realization of it is often in the discovery that something better is available to you. The immediate and first thing that didn’t happen can be the set up and preparation for your better route to your destination.
  • Find your Courage: It can be difficult to pick up the pieces from not getting what you want in the way you wanted it. Finding the courage and strength to try again is the indicator that you truly have not failed. Failure is giving up. So often the test is to see how serious you are about what you want. Will a momentary setback be your demise or a stepping stone to the prize?


Realizing that your loss is not an end game can prepare the way for you to achieve something so far above what you could have imagined if you allow yourself to breathe and see beyond your present circumstance. Rising above and gaining some perspective can lead you to open yourself up to the door in front, instead of dwelling on the door that closed behind.

QUESTION: Have you ever experienced the greater reward of victory beyond an earlier defeat? How did you get past what you thought was your end game?


  1. 1stknight7 · · Reply

    Excellent blog! Realizing the greater plan is sometimes the hardest part of success. We have become such a society of “instant gratification” we expect everything to happen immediately. We must realize that sometimes success cannot happen unless we first learn the lessons and gain the experience of failure.

    1. Precisely. Our desire for instant gratification can rob us of valuable lessons in patience and process. The desire to skip steps or simply not enjoying the journey itself causes us to not appreciate the true finish line.

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