What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Three]

In this third part of looking into what the people’s call should be when prophets speak, I have considered the possible significance the third plague of Egypt might be in relationship to the prophetic word spoken by Prophet Kim Clement. In as much as he has said that he saw 10 small battles that would be faced by America and Israel as a result of a betrayal in the White House, I have pondered what God could show us if these ten little battles are symbolic of things that must be overcome by America and Israel. To that end, we look at the third plague which happens to be the plague of gnats.

Looking at the gnat in scripture, there are a couple of things that we must first take into account. The plagues of Egypt are just one passage of scripture that deals with this particular insect. There is somewhat of a debate as to whether in scripture it is referring specifically to the gnat or mosquito, as both may have been likely to have been something indigenous to the area. Regardless of whether it was gnats or mosquitos, what we know of gnats in the land of Egypt is that they were connected to the god of the desert. What is interesting to note is that the name of the god of the desert is associated with “turmoil, confusion, illness, storm, and rage.” Biblically speaking, deserts are also viewed as being an uncultivated place, uninhabitable, inhospitable, and a wilderness.

From a spiritual aspect and prophetic significance, gnats and mosquitoes have the association with spiritual attacks of the mind. Mosquitoes, in particular, are associated with being energy drainers that sap your life force and assets, they are irritants and often represent witchcraft. The appearance of gnats in dreams are interpreted as things that are seemingly insignificant annoyances that cause trouble and losses. In ancient days, the people would strain liquids to remove the gnats that had gotten into the containers. In fact, when you look at one of the passages of scripture in Matthew 23:24, Jesus rebukes the Pharisee saying, “Blind guides, you strain out the gnat, yet gulp down the camel.” It was a reference to how they gave such importance to the minor thing yet ignored the important thing.

How does this plague of gnats fit into the context of one of the 10 little battles spoken of by Prophet Kim, that Israel and the United States must face? I believe it speaks to the liberal media and ideology that has infested the culture. We can plainly see how hostile the liberal media and those who live by the ideology have become towards anyone who has an alternative opinion. It has seeped into other mountains of cultural influence that have made life unbearable for anyone who holds any other thought that does not agree with that one. Those who claim to desire tolerance for all become intolerant of the very diversity they claim to believe in.

As we have seen over the years, the increasing emphasis of sensationalism and false narratives that have permeated and penetrated the airwaves, it has hyper-sensitize the nations to live in a state of perpetual panic of doom and gloom.

Everywhere you turn, there are more negative reports of defeat and disaster because there is profit to be made by it, whether the threat is real or not. Even minor issues are blown up to have a greater impact than is necessary. Last year I wrote a blog about a book I read that was written by Peter Diamandis titled “Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think.” In it, he mentions how the “amygdala is an almond-shaped sliver of the temporal lobe responsible for primal emotions like rage, hate, and fear.” He goes on to say that he has noticed in his own investigation that 90% of the news we get is negative and fills us with pessimism and causes us to see things as worse than they actually are.

These constant barrages to our psyche are the constant source of much of the confusion, turmoil, and rage that many feel whether justified or not. It is through the lies that are perpetuated that have caused mental breakdowns, illnesses, and resulted in storms of irrational emotions to fester throughout not just this nation but around the world. Almost daily you can find a report of someone who expresses fear of the end of the world as we know it since election day results revealed who won the election.

The gnats or peppering of lies from liberal ideology and liberal media must be dealt with in order that hope can spring once more. The twisted view of reality and life does not bring glory to God or the Kingdom Christ said is come. If Israel and the Church are to have any hope of prevailing against the kingdom of hell and the darkness that has been created through the cloud of gnats in the form of lies which incite fear, they must promote present truth with greater fervor and a greater presence upon the mountain of media so that God’s light can shine.

The alternative would only result in greater evidence of mental illness, instability, and economic uncertainty. A continued bombardment of negativity breeds a people who become apathetic, lethargic, less productive, less inspired and less creative. This goes contrary to the will of God for how He has created humanity to be.

So what is the call for the people who hear the words of the prophet as it relates to this? It is to pray against the negativity reports, the spirit of witchcraft that twists truths into “alternative facts” and outright lies.  This is not to assume that all news or reporting will be rosy and favorable, but to correct false narratives and to bring under subjection false prophets of doom who feed off of fear and create strongholds to impede the move of God and His people. This may include more of God’s people taking their rightful place of influence on the mountain of media so that proper perspectives and a moral and biblical view can contextualize what’s being reported.

Another thing that this prophetic word calls the people of God to do is to create a more habitable and hospitable place by cultivating love as people who are salt and light, seasoning every place in which we are found. Speaking truth in love is always warranted. It will always be the better part of valor, as it will promote peace as we give an account for the hope that is within us. As we are able to speak to the issues of the day with a proper perspective that is hope-filled and not fear-filled, we will dispel darkness and cultivate a harvest of possibilities and potential. This battle that must be faced by America and Israel will be won as we stand in unity to shift culture back to acknowledging God and God in us is greater than anything and every foul spirit that is in the world.


QUESTION: Do you see anything else that can be included in the call that God’s people must do to respond to the word of the prophets?


This is part three in a series of blogs that will cover the prophetic word by Kim Clement and what I believe the 10 battles that may be instrumental in deliverance for Israel and the Church. Click the above link to see the prophetic message. Click Here to read Part One of this series.



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  2. […] What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Three] (apreachaskid.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] What is the Call of the People When Prophets Speak? [Part Three] (apreachaskid.wordpress.com) […]

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